65 Day Sale – Week 6 Fabulous Fountains

Monday, November 05 , 2018

65 Day Sale – Week 6  Fabulous Fountains

It’s the sixth week of our 65 day birthday sale already.  We have had such a wonderful response from our customers. This week there’s 20% discount on our fountains.

Gorgeous in Every Season

But winter is coming, we hear you cry. Our fountains look spectacular in snow!

An impressive Chilstone Oxford Fountain in the snow.

Autumn leaves help with the natural weathering process. If you place your fountain under an oak tree the leaf tannin will stain your stone a warm, brown tone, like the Kew Fountain in Chilstone’s show garden.

Oak weathered Kew Fountain at Chilstone’s show garden.


Get Planning Now

Autumn is the key time for garden design, when flower beds have died back and you can survey the garden properly.  You can order your fountain now for a later delivery if you would prefer so you have time to organise the right installer. Fountains need a bit of consideration, including an electricity source, which you can read about in a previous blog here.

Initial garden design by Ali Dempster for Chilstone’s 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower Show stand with the Kew fountain at the centre. This stand won a 5 star award.

Small is Beautiful

You don’t have to have a huge garden to have a fountain. A small fountain can bring a garden nook or flower bed to life. From wall mounted to freestanding, there are lots of options to choose from to create a calming water feature in your home.

Small, but beautiful Cherubs Entwined stone fountain.

Chilstone’s Richmond Fountain is smaller than the Kew and is one of our most popular water features.

And so is Big

We make very large fountains too for hotels and stately homes for that wow factor. These are a landscapers dream that really make an impact. Our largest fountain takes five crafts people to make it so there’s always a buzz around  Chilstone each time we make one.

Froyle Park Hotel has a Chilstone Fountain. It’s this romantic feature, teamed with our Ionic Temple that makes it a prime wedding venue.

Every formal garden needs a feature fountain. This Laskett fountain is in Sir Roy Strong’s famous Laskett Garden.

Create Your Perfect Space

We pride ourselves on versatility and encourage our customers to style our fountains their way. Winter is approaching but, our fountains don’t have to go outside. This shell fountain in an indoor pond looks fantastic.

Chilstone Fountain in an impressive lily pond.

Although most of us don’t have such an impressive glasshouse,  our smaller or wall mounted fountains work well inside a conservatory or sun room.

A wall mounted fountain can add interest to gardens of all sizes.


We can modify our urns, planters and sculptures to create fountains perfect for your garden. These bespoke creations are not included in our 65 day sale, but we are always happy to help you. Call us 01892 740866.



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