Fabulous Fountains

Wednesday, June 20 , 2018

Fabulous Fountains

When the sun is shining and the flowers are in full bloom a garden comes to life. But, it’s the finishing touches that really transform a space from an average lawn and borders into something extra special. Installing a water feature attracts wildlife and adds an tranquil ambience to gardens of all sizes.

Our Classic Kew

The Kew fountain was the centre piece of our 5 Star award winning garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower show.

So many visitors to our stand at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show loved our Classic Kew fountain, so here’s our guide on selecting the right piece for your garden.

Mix and Match, Flexible to fit Your Design

One thing to remember is that we hand make all our pieces on site. This gives us the flexibility to transform our planters, birdbaths and even statues into fountains on request. We can mix and match pedestals and urns to get the look you want, so free your imagination.

A mixture of Chilstone planters and Tazzas can create fountain tiers to create the look you desire.

Garden Basics

Let’s start with the practical things to consider. Your fountain needs electricity to power the pump. Our standard cable is 10 meters long, so you need to consider how accessible your nearest power point is. Next, do you want a self contained fountain in a or do you need a pool surround? Chilstone make a number of pool surrounds. These can surround a dug in pond or be raised up around the fountain. The size of the fountain you choose will affect the amount of splash, which you need to keep to a minimum for water conservation. A deeper fountain will have less water evaporation than a smaller one. Smaller fountains look great in pairs, but you need will need to chose a suitable pump.

A pair of Chilstone Richmond fountains in a pond.

Plan your Space

Plan your space. If you decide on a statue as your centre piece, it needs to be positioned back from the centre so the water can flow into the bowl and not over the edge.  It is also worth choosing a sheltered spot aware from strong winds and bright sunshine that can dry out your fountain.

Chilstone’s Goddess Flora statue transformed into a fountain centre piece.

Formal or Relaxed Garden Design

What’s your garden style? Traditionally formal gardens have fountains at the central point between crossing pathways as a main focal point.

Chilstone’s Laskett Fountain, first created for Sir Roy Strong as a central part of his grand Laskett Garden in Herefordshire.


Relaxed gardens have water features tucked in a cosy nook, or against walls as an accent or to create a soothing ambience.

Wall mounted fountains make beautiful garden accents for informal or courtyard gardens.


Be aware of your existing planting. Fountains beneath oak trees gain a brown tinge from the tannin from the fallen leaves. Some customers love this aged look, but be aware, the can also clog your fountain.

Classical fountains, like our best selling Kew fountain look beautiful surrounded by flowers. The Richmond fountain can be used as an alternative for smaller gardens.

The Richmond fountain is smaller than the Kew and looks great in planted beds.

The size of your pond or pool surround will also allow you to add new plants. Be as bold or wild as you wish!

Raised pool surrounds come in a number of styles and can be used for ponds or planting to fit your garden design.

Big, Bold and Beautiful

If you have oodles of space or a drive you want to emphasise with a turning circle, these large fountains will make a big impact.


Add romance and grandeur to homes and hotels with a dramatic turning circle with a fountain in the centre.

Your fountain doesn’t have to be huge. You can use tropical planting around a large pond to make your garden feel like an exotic escape. Remember, if you want to add fish to your pool you need a minimum depth of 1 metre, 2 metres if you want to keep Koi Carp.

Water lilies also need room, although there are a variety of dwarf varieties available. Or you can bring your fountain inside to flourish whatever the weather.

Fountains don’t have to be outside, they can work well in conservatories or temperate houses.


If you have small children you may want a self circulating fountain. These don’t require a pond. A small volume of water is used, often in a shallow bowl or spilling onto pebbles. This reduces the risk of drowning.  These fountains make a tranquil burble, best suited near your home or patio.

Chilstone’s Globe Fountain is a safer option around children.

Why Cast Stone?

Cast stone is a durable material that weathers well to blend into your garden. The material encourages moss and lichen growth, like natural quarried stone, although it weighs less, making it easier to transport and install. It can be made in different colours to match your space or existing stonework features. Cast stone can also be moulded to a design of your choice. You can mix and match our existing product ranges, but we can make a bespoke mould if you want to bring your own designs to life.

Metal fountains in bronze and copper gain a green patina over time, but they are very heavy, so you need to carefully consider where to place them. Ceramic pieces can be used for smaller water features, but are prone to cracking in freezing temperatures and do not have the longevity of cast stone.

Whatever the size of your space our team can help you find the right water feature for your garden.

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