Coping Stones for a Practical and Beautiful Finishing Touch

Tuesday, April 30 , 2024

Coping Stones for a Practical and Beautiful Finishing Touch

Coping stones are used to protect brickwork, but they also create a beautiful sleek finish. Upgrade your boundaries and entrances in style and help to extend the lifespan of your garden walls. Read more about the benefits of our handmade coping stones!

Protect Your Brickwork

Coping stones are designed with an overhang and an incline to help rain run off the surface. This prevents the majority of downpours from  seeping into the pointing and bricks in your walls. Excess water can damage walls. As the moisture freezes and expands it can blow the mortar. This is expensive to repair.  Coping stones protects the bricks and prolongs the life of your wall as well as looking smart. A practical and beautiful finishing touch!

A low garden wall topped with smart Chilstone coping stones to restore the Victorian details and protect brickwork.

Coping stones create a polished finish to garden walls and compliment railings. This was part of a restoration project for Victorian style terraced houses, replacing those lost in London during The Blitz.

Coping stones are created to allow rain to run off away from the brickwork. If both sides of the coping stones are angled this is called twice weathered coping. We sell a comprehensive range of coping, including once weathered and flat coping stones.

A quality coping stone supplier will provide a pointing mix to match the colour of the stone too. These little finishing touches make a big impact overall to create a beautiful first impression of your home.

A low front garden wall topped with sleek coping stones and Victorian style black railings.

Twice weathered Chilstone coping along a low front garden wall in a Victorian street. Topped with traditional style railings.

Finals and Pier Capitals

It’s not just garden walls that need a helping hand. Gate pier capitals also protect brickwork in the same way as coping stones, designed to minimise rain seeping from the top down into the mortar of gate posts. They are also shaped to create a classic finish. Well crafted and installed pier caps can transform your entrance and positively impact your property value.

Classic gate pier capitals to protect the gate post brickwork.

Our gate pier capitals protect brickwork and have a perennial elegance for smart property entrances. We have a range of styles to compliment your property features.

Pair our pier caps with balls and finials or leave them plain, whatever expresses your design style.

A gate post topped with a classic Chilstone gate pier capital and ball finial.

Simple ball finials on Chilstone gate pier capitals are a classic that never goes out of style!

You can be creative, adding urns, planters or statues on top of your gate pier capitals. Match them in pairs and be as bold or reserved as you like! A large number of our garden ornaments can be adapted as finials. Please ask our team.

A large Chilstone lidded urn as a final on top of gate pier capitals.

A large Chilstone urn as a finial to create an impressive entrance!

We can also make bespoke designs to represent your family crest or business. Get in touch and talk to us about your projects.

A bespoke cast stone finial made by Chilstone, depicting a bull's head inside an ornate crown.

A bespoke cast stone finial made by Chilstone for a family crest.

Avid gardeners can even make this an extra spot to add plants with urns or small troughs as finials. But there’s always the traditional pineapple for those who want a funkier option without any weeding!

Pineapple finials are popular and versatile, from city garden gates to grand estate entrances.

Curved Coping Stones!

Don’t assume that coping stones have to be in a straight line! Our team can be creative with our cast stone and curves are definitely in! We can supply CAD drawings so you can visualise how your patios and walls can look.

A beautiful patio in progress with curved coping stones, designed by Chilstone.

Talk to us about your plans and we can mix and match our components to create the style you want. We can supply garden steps to match so your patios has a coordinated and polished finish, whilst protecting your brickwork. It’s easy to love garden designs topped with our handmade coping stones!

Curved coping stones and garden steps designed and handmade in the UK by Chilstone.

Creative Coping Stones

Coping Stones can be used in many creative ways. These have been cleverly incorporated into this living roof design. Our handmade coping stones edge and finish the roof of this modern London home. This innovative house design  has been shortlisted for architectural awards by Satish Jassal Architects.

A modern home design with a living roof finished with Chilstone's handmade coping stones.

A stylish modern home designed by Satish Jassal Architects. Chilstone coping stone trims the roof edge. Photo credit: Richard Chivers.

This small bungalow is tucked away behind a row of shops in the London suburbs, but it is big on style and packed with clever details.

A stylish modern home designed by Satish Jassal Architects. Chilstone coping stone trims and protects the roof edge . Photo credit: Richard Chivers.

The coping stones neatly finish of the rood edging to protect the walls from the rain as well. This striking roof mixes functionality with style!

The coping stones along the roof edge are designed to divert rain water away and protect the brickwork of this unique city home, designed by Satish Jassal Architects.

Beautifully Finished By Hand

Our coping stones are made to order by hand in our Kent Workshop. We have been handcrafting fine cast stone for seventy years since our business began in 1953, the same year of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation!

We have worked on many homes and gardens during our seven decades in business. We design and make coping stones, architectural stone and garden ornaments. We can create customized or bespoke items on request. Talk to our team to see how we can help with your home, garden and entrances projects. Pop in to see us or contact us here.


A Chilstone stone mason crafting pier coping stones by hand.

Chilstone has been handcrafting architectural stone, garden ornaments and coping stones for over seventy years!


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