Autumn is the best time for garden design

Thursday, September 13 , 2018

Autumn is the best time for garden design

Autumn is not the end of the gardening year. In fact it’s the beginning. Autumn is the busiest time of year for Garden Designers, making new plans for spring.

Grow your roots

When the temperature drops many plants die back so designers can see the space and imagine new changes. It’s also the best time to plant shrubs, bulbs and trees so they can focus on developing roots, ready for strong spring growth.

Choose trees to plant in autumn to establish strong root growth.

Hunt for classics at a discount

Autumn is a great time to plan for any gardener. Many garden centres sell off perennials, planters and outdoor furniture. If you like a bargain and are happy to nurture plants over winter it’s worth shopping around. Classic pieces, like stone benches and classic urns never go out of style and can transform a boring corner of hedging into a focal point. A well placed bench can create a serene spot to admire the planting throughout the seasons.

Stone benches weather well and encourage moss and lichen growth to compliment their surroundings. You can engrave them for special memories.

While a smart pair of urns on matching pedestals, either side of a front door or garden pathway can create an impressive entrance.

A pair of urns make a statement for entrances and gardens

Set Your Imagination Free

You don’t have to be a designer to get the look you want. Decide which key structures you want to keep, like established trees or an existing pond and build your plan from there. Do you want a path across your garden that leads to a special feature or a garden house? Do you want a wild look or structured planting with a set colour scheme? Draw your design and start with the hard landscaping features, like steps, patios and balustrades.

Make a Feature

Adding a key structures can transform a space. A fountain in a circular pond on a driveway creates a grand turning circle.

Stone fountains look spectacular throughout the seasons.

Make that ugly corner where pots and old compost are stored into a beautiful nook, by clearing the junk into neat shed or storage unit and adding a trellis arch around a wall mounted water feature. Grow climbing roses and clematis to make it an alluring space. Why not add a bench for that tranquil reading spot?

A wall mounted fountain can be teamed with a Chilstone planter to create a water feature. Our products can be mix and matched to create the look you want.

Statues or planters in beds or raised on pedestals can instantly add interest to a plain patio. Our cast stone weathers well and encourages moss growth to blend with planting and period features. We also have a limited selection of vintage pieces if you want something that has already aged beautifully.

Vintage Chilstone pieces increase in value as they age as no two pieces weather in the same way.


Need advice for key features?

If you want to add a statement focal point or feature, but you’re not sure what to put where then pop in and our team are happy to advise you. We are celebrating 65 years in the business and we have supplied cast stone for gardens of all shapes and sizes over the years. Please just ask.

Chilstone work with garden designers and customers to help them decide on the right piece.

Ready to start digging?

Before you get your spade, have you ensured that all the foundations are in place? Make sure that electrical and water supplies are put in place if you want to power statement pieces like fountains. Do you want to install lights? Large statues need to be on solid ground or patios. If you have children, think about tripping hazards and making ponds safe. Consider the types of plants you want in your raised boarders, will they have enough root room and drainage? What plants flourish in your soil type? Camellias and magnolias  need acid soils, so if your soil isn’t right you might want to grow these plants in pots in ericaceous compost.  Ticked all these boxes? Then grab your spade!

And relax

Done all the hard work? Then it’s time to grab a drink and invite friends and family around to admire your amazing new garden space! Best of luck!




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