65 Day Sale – Week 8 Brilliant Birdbaths

Tuesday, November 20 , 2018

65 Day Sale – Week 8 Brilliant Birdbaths

This is the last category to be discounted in our 65 day sale. You’ve waited seven weeks and finally our birdbaths are on offer. The birds can rejoice, knowing they have a water source through the seasons.

Get a Grip

Stone birdbaths are a great choice for wildlife. The textured surface allows birds to land and firmly grip the rim, making them feel secure. A smooth surface can be slippery and tricky to navigate, especially for the perching feet of passerines. Once a new watering spot has been noticed, it can be visited by whole flocks, especially in extremes of weather. But it’s not just small songbirds that like to visit gardens with bird baths to preen their feathers and drink, owls and hawks sometimes swoop by too.

Owl perched on Chilstone Planter. Our birdbaths are made of the same stone, allowing easy perching on the rim.

Choose Your Style

We have so many styles to choose from, whether you like classical curves or rustic charm. Our stone weathers to an antiqued patina that blends beautifully with its surroundings. All our products are handmade in Kent.

Chilstone’s best selling birdbath

This birdbath has a rustic charm, based on traditional, country design. Ask our team for a catalogue.

Choose the perfect Spot

You can place our birdbaths on a patio, on lawns or in a flowerbed, it’s up to you. But make sure that the birdbath is on a firm surface that won’t subside in wet weather.  Why not try planting bulbs around your birdbath for a spectacular spring? If you’re lucky you might spot hatch-lings taking their first dip in your garden.

For more tips on planning your birdbath read our blog here.

Choose Life

Once your birdbath in in place grab a drink, sit back and watch from your window. Who will visit? You might want some binoculars handy so you can get a good look. Who needs TV when you can have your own wildlife special in your back garden?


With 20% discount this week in our 65 day sale, what are you waiting for?


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