Spring Birdbath Discount

Tuesday, February 28 , 2017

Spring Birdbath Discount

Spring is on the Way!

This winter has been particularly cold but spring will arrive soon. It’s important to plan ahead in the garden, particularly if you want to attract birds.

It won’t be long until the ground softens, blossom arrives (hooray!) and larvae hatch. With grubs and caterpillars on the move, birds will be feasting in gardens one more!

Native Birds To Be Treasured

We have many beautiful indigenous birds, that we should treasure in the UK. People often think about feeding birds, which is a good thing, but they don’t often provide water. Many garden dwelling birds love a bird bath. Stone birdbaths allow birds to grip on to the edge with their claws. Chilstone’s cast stone birthbaths have a resin coating to hold the water inside the bowl, while maintaining that bird friendly stone rim for perching.

Take Time for Changes

Birds are often at their most vulnerable when bathing, they like all round access to fly in and away from a birdbath freely. It is best to introduce birdbaths in early spring so that when water is scarce in summer, the birds are already comfortable it.

Image – Alan Hinchliffe

Bird Watching Focal Point

If you are an avid bird watcher, or just an animal lover, adding a bird bath will attract wildlife, common and rare. Making your garden full if bird song, plus you never know what bird you might spot. From Robins to Starlings to more rare visitors.

Beware of Predators

Birdbaths on pedestals make it more difficult for predators. Cats can easily pounce on floor based birdbaths. Positioning your birdbath away from over hanging trees will also help.

Planting Firethorn (Pyracantha) in the area around your birdbath can help to keep cats away. Its long, sharp thorns are a deterrent, while the autumn berries feed the birds. It also provide cover from birds of prey, which are less likely to be hunting in smaller domestic spaces.

Other Wildlife

Our Stone Birdbaths are popular with other wildlife too. At our showgardens in rural Kent, we often find squirrels playing in our Birdbath  We once found a frog!

Our Beautiful Bestseller

For March our Baluster Birdbath is discounted, perfect for Mother’s Day to £149.00 including VAT (from £178). Email Office@Chilstone.com or 01892 740866.

With it’s classically curvaceous pedestal this creates a beautiful focal point in any garden. Popular with customers and wildlife!

Offer runs from 1st March to 31st March 2017.




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