Top 5 Picks For Fantastic Mother’s Day Gifts

Tuesday, March 26 , 2019

Top 5 Picks For Fantastic Mother’s Day Gifts

Spring is here and this weekend it’s time to celebrate the women who nurtured us. Whether that’s your Mum or a Mother figure, we have the perfect gifts for the garden lover in your life.

Plant Lovers

The Fowler Jardiniere looks fantastic in classical or contemporary gardens. With a height of 47 cm it has plenty of root depth for plants while allowing ample width for maximising your floral displays. This versatile planter combines function with style, making it a long lasting gift and a much loved garden feature.

Chilstone’s Fowler Jardiniere is the perfect size for a wide range of plants and floral displays.

Wildlife Watchers

With extremes of hot and cold weather becoming increasingly common it is important to provide a water source for wildlife in our gardens. Adding a beautiful birdbath can create a thriving hot spot for birds and you never know what you might spot as owls and birds of prey have been known to perch at many garden birdbaths.

This curvaceous birdbath is a best seller and looks beautiful in flower beds or standing as a centerpiece on a lawn.

Chilstone’s Baluster Birdbath has a classic design with a rim that helps birds to perch.

Put them on a Pedestal

Our George IV Tazza looks amazing planted on a pedestal. Place it near an entrance or use it to add a raised level to a flower border. It has a wide rim to allow a larger planting area for really impressive displays. Great for gardeners who want to create an impact without having to bend to do the weeding!

Relax Outdoors

A bench is the perfect spot to sit and admire your garden. To soak up the fragrance, listen to the birds chirp and to see where beds need more pruning or planting. Our cast stone weathers to blend with your garden and stonework. There are so many varieties to choose from from classical to sleek to suit your style and space.


Chilstone Lion Bench Seat with a well weathered patina.

Classical Elegance

A sundial is the perfect way to remember a moment in time, a gift to last through the years. Our sundial plinths, like most of our range, can be engraved to make them personal for that extra special someone!

Chilstone’e Bedford Sundial plinth adds elegant charm.

Please ask our friendly staff for more information and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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