Protecting Garden Wildlife in a Heatwave

Wednesday, June 27 , 2018

Protecting Garden Wildlife in a Heatwave

How should you look after Garden Wildlife in the Heatwave?

It’s a heat wave and many gardens are in full bloom. While gardeners are carefully watering their plants we mustn’t forget the wildlife. People often think about feeding birds, but they don’t often provide water. Garden dwelling birds love a bird bath to cool down and preen their feathers. All sorts of birds visit birdbaths, from robins to thrushes and even the odd owl if you are really lucky. Water in summer weather will attract wildlife to your garden, providing precious drinking water which could save their lives.

Cast Stone is Bird Friendly

We have a range of birdbaths to suit your style and your outside space. The best birdbaths allow birds to grip on to the edge with their claws. Chilstone’s cast stone birdbaths have a resin coating to hold the water inside the bowl, while maintaining that bird friendly stone rim for perching. Cast stone also encourages moss growth so you can water the birds and still blend in with your existing garden planting and garden ornaments.

It’s Not Just The Birds

Bees, frogs and squirrels need water too. Many insects hydrate from the food they consume, but honey bees need to drink water to make honey to keep their hive cool. Bees travel in a three mile radius to find food and water. Adding stones or corks to your birdbath will make it easier for the bees to land and drink.

There has been a decline in the frog population as ponds have fallen out of fashion. Frogs and toads dry out in easily in hot weather. A shady birdbath might be a lifesaver for garden wildlife in the heatwave.

Squirrels also need somewhere to drink.

Finding the Perfect Spot

Before you chose your birdbath make sure you think about where it will go in your garden. Make sure it is visible from the house so you can enjoy watching all the wildlife you will attract. Be aware of existing planting. You don’t want to swamp your birdbaths with tall perennials that could conceal predators, like cats.

You will need a firm, level surface. If you place your birdbath in the center of the lawn, be careful that your mower doesn’t chip the base. Also consider the height of your birdbath, if you have a large dog you will need a tall birdbath so your dog doesn’t drink all the water and scare the birds away.

Lots to Chose From

We have many styles in stock, so come and see us.

We also make a wide range of fountains if you fancy a bigger water feature.


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