Get Ready For Spring

Wednesday, January 09 , 2019

Get Ready For Spring

January may be gloomy, but spring is just around the corner. The daffodils at our showgardens are growing nicely. It’s a good time to make plans and stock up gardening equipment . You might grab a few bargains too in our sale.

Daffodils shooting up at the Chilstone Show gardens entrance.

Trends for 2019

The big gardening trend for 2019 is growing vegetables. Seed sales for vegetables are higher than flowers for the first time in decades.  There are many fruits and vegetables that grow well in pots and troughs, from tomatoes, cucumbers and aubergines, to peas, carrots and onions. You don’t need a designated vegetable patch, intersperse them with flowers to attract bees and butterflies and encourage pollination. Marigolds deter pests from tomatoes and add colour to your garden, while onions, edible or ornamental are great in planters.

Make a Feature

Planning for the year ahead isn’t just about planting. New focal points take time to research and install. Adding stone features needs secure, level ground to support the weight and make the most of your investment.

Chilstone garden pavilion surrounded by tulips.

While not every garden has room for a garden pavilion or temple, a well placed statue, finial or small water feature can give your garden that extra special something to pull your garden designs together and rejuvenate your space,

Chilstone Richmond Fountain.

20% Discount

We have a large range of planters from large classical urns, to contemporary smaller planters that look perfect in pairs. Our January sale offer extends across the range of garden ornaments, including sundial plinths, fountains and statues. See, January isn’t so miserable after all. Call our team and we can arranger a later delivery to fit with your garden planning. Or come and see us!

Chilstone Sundial Plinth

Offer excludes bespoke items and garden pavilions.

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