5 Easy Ways to Create a Formal Garden with added Romance

Thursday, July 26 , 2018

5 Easy Ways to Create a Formal Garden with added Romance

Nothing says romance like the formal, stately gardens in Jane Austin period dramas. The bursting rose blooms scream old fashioned courtship during long summer days in equally long dresses. But this look isn’t just for Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, you can inject some romance into your own garden using planting and stone…

Here are our top 5 ways to easily create a formal garden design with a few well placed pieces


1) Stone Pillars

Formal gardens need structure. Create a beautiful walkway with stone columns. Stone doesn’t have to be dull and grey. Coil clematis and fragrant roses up and around the pillars. This supports your planting and makes a wonderful feature.  Don’t prune your roses too hard, allow them to sweep and swoon around the stone, enveloping them in opulent fragrance. Choose a pink rose like Gertrude Jekyll or an innocent white Claire Austin for maximum drama.

2) Stone Balustrades

After running through rose entwined columns you need a staircase with a sweeping balustrade, or a pretty terrace surrounded with expertly handcrafted stonework. Picture perfect for any stately home or dramatic garden. If it’s good enough for Hever  Castle, home of Anne Boelyn, then it’s going to cry out sophistication in your home.

3) Fountains

Run your fingers through the burbling waters as you sigh and think about your beau. Think Keira Knightly dripping from the vast fountain in Atonement.

Smaller gardens can still create an amorous atmosphere with a wall mounted fountain. Create an archway of fragrant Poet’s Jasmine, trailing wisteria or a mass of pink clematis blooms above for the perfect secluded nook.


4) Stone Bench

Sit overlooking an inspiring vista or breathtaking planting, reading poetry. Keats and Shelly and a glass of something chilled on a hot summer evening from the prefect spot in your garden.

Engrave your bench with something personal to make it extra special. So you never forget that spine tingling moment when you knew you’d found your Darcy.

5) Stone Statues and Garden Ornaments

Classical design doesn’t have to be budget blowing. Choose something old school for that timeless quality that never dates and always shouts style. Place your stone sculptures where they’ll transform a dull corner into something intriguing and mysterious.




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