Awards and Medals from RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018

Tuesday, May 22 , 2018

Awards and Medals from RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018

There are so many magnificent show gardens and trade stands this year. The judges have their work cut out choosing the best of the best. The designers have been up against the weather this year, battling to produce the best plants despite heavy snow, late frosts, lots and lots of rain. To add to the challenge the weather has been hot for planting and maintaining blooms at Chelsea. But they have risen to the challenge!  With lots of watering, dead heading, double checking and triple checking their gardens, the  last details and finishing touches are done and they face the nail biting wait for the decisions of the RHS judges!


The Judges have decided!

The judges have selected their winners and here are our favourites from the winners. You can see the full list of winners at the RHS website by clicking here.

Showgardens – Gold

Welcome to Yorkshire by Mark Gregory

Welcome to Yorkshire by Mark Gregory. This looks like it has been there for over a 100 years. The stone cottage is picturesque and crammed with so many details, like a working log burner that billows smoke out of the miniature chinmey. There’s a little vegetable patch that is bursting with plants, you can almost imagine a fairy tale character picking them for dinner. This garden even has a real rustic gate and babbling brook, as if a slice of the real countryside has been transported to Chelsea with a magic wand.

The judges inspecting the Welcome to Yorkshire Garden

Space to Grow – Gold

The Seedlip Garden designed by Dr. Catherine MacDonald

The Seedlip Garden designed by Dr. Catherine MacDonald won gold in the Space to Grow category. This garden is also jam packed with detail. This garden celebrates the humble garden pea, but it is an ode to hard work. Each and every plant is from the pea family. Teaming with bees and bursting with colour from the vibrant yellow lupins that grow between the pea plants and are very on trend for 2018. The roof of the ‘Peavillion’ at the back of the garden is planted with hundreds of pea seedlings. Even the spaces between the stepping stones are filled with dried peas and lentils in green and orange. A beautiful garden that has been lovingly put together with a planting scheme that must have taken many hours to complete.

Making sure the Seedlip Garden was tip top with last minute deadheading

The Pearfisher Garden by Karen Welman and John Warland

This garden is another detailed extravaganza that transports you to a sea bed flower bed with succulents and cacti depicting the coral reef. With a clever use of glass and coloured resin, this garden creates the feeling of rippling water as if you were looking under the sea. This garden is a real gem and unlike anything exhibited at Chelsea before. It also chimes in support of the environmental message supported by the BBC’s Blue Planet.

The detail in this garden makes it a thing of wonder.

Artisan – Gold

O-mo-te-na-shi no NIWA -The Hospitality Garden – Designed by Kazuyuki Ishihara 

This garden needs no words. Just look at it! You could move in and escape from the world but just stepping over the barrier and into Japan!

The most tranquil spot at Chelsea.

Chilstone – 5 Star Winners!

We are so happy to have won the maximum award from the RHS for a trade stand, 5 gold stars for the second year in a row! Thank you everyone for your hard work! If you are at the show please come and see us. We have our 65th birthday and a second 5 star award to celebrate!

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