A marker of time in your life and garden

Wednesday, November 20 , 2019

A marker of time in your life and garden

As the decade draws to a close it is time to reflect on the past ten years. What did you achieve? What would you like to remember? Gardens are close to our heart in the UK and many of our customers buy our sundials not just a focal point but as a literal marker of time. A memory keeper, representing an important event or relationship in their lives. Whatever anniversary, significant birthday or person you want to commemorate, here are our tips on why you should choose a sundial.

Tale as old as time

Sundials can commemorate a love story. A statement of a life shared,  to celebrate a marriage that has endured through the decades, facing the world together, whatever it throws at a united couple. The sundial in your garden will change and blend with the planting around your home as time races onward. As nature grows on around it and moss creeps over the base, it will age but still endure. These changes will make it ever more cherished and beautiful in it’s unique way. Like a love song shared, as part of the fabric of your home life.

Chilstone La Valette sundial plinth, weathered to a beautiful patina, with moss growth in hard autumn frost.

A beautiful passion

Your passion might not be a person, but gardening and your sundial can be something special to make your space perfect for you. An oasis of tranquility in an increasingly hectic world. A haven to enjoy, with a focal point to draw the beauty of your planting scheme together. Place your sundial between tulips bulbs so in the harshness of winter you know that the seasons are ever moving onward and spring will return. Measure the growth of plants as they flourish to surround your sundial plinth in fragrant blooms. A garden growing and bringing joy over time.

Large Bedford sundial plinth hand made by Chilstone, displayed in the Barakura garden in Japan.

Forever loved

Sadly time is ever rolling as the tide and some of us will lose those we love along the way. But many find comfort by placing a sundial in their garden so that person remains in memory. In pride of place, a centerpiece in their heart and in their garden for family and friends to smile at on a sunny day and remember the happy times together.

Chilstone Langdon sundial with armillary sphere

Step back in time

Others like to recreate a time gone by. To create a garden from an era passed. A garden from a happy childhood memory, just like your Grandad had, with roses and a sundial. Or why not make a grand period drama in your space, a personal Jane Austin romance or a nod to Versailles opulence. From set designers to avid period gardeners we have many requests to help recreate a look. With flamboyant swags on sundials, grand urns and elegant fountains. Reclaim the drama and indulge your dreams.

Chilstone Italian sundial plinth in a formal, period garden design.

Create your future

But the passing of a decade isn’t all about looking to back, there’s a shiny new decade waiting ahead with no mistakes in it, bursting with opportunity. So place a marker in time now. Make a statement of intent and maybe use it to remind you throughout the seasons that your future dreams are waiting to be grabbed. Time waits for no-one and at the end of the next ten years what will you look back on? Will your sundial make you smile as you remember how you planted the seed of a desire or idea that blossomed into something wonderful?

Chilstone Obelisk Needle Pedestal Sundial Plinth is the ultimate in large, sleek statement pieces.

Time is short

Right now while some plants are dormant for winter it is good time to take stock of your garden and think about making changes. Store dahlia tubers, dig out new flower beds or plan new focal points. Our sundial plinths make special garden gifts for loved ones that will last for years to come.  Our sale is on and if you’re quick you can claim a 20% discount on sundial plinths this week only.


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