65 Day Sale – Week 5 Opulent Urns

Wednesday, October 31 , 2018

65 Day Sale – Week 5 Opulent Urns

Our 65 day sale continues this week with 20% of urns. Our classic urns are timeless. There are so many ways to style our hand crafted cast stone urns to really transform your garden. Create dramatic walkways with grand urns on pedestals at either end or dot them along a wall as finials.

Our urns transform a brick wall into a feature wall.

Our urns are beautiful as they are, but they look fantastic overflowing with bulbs and seasonal bedding plants. Use your urns to to add colour by walls a hedges at eye level for maximum impact. We have a wide range large and small to bring your garden designs to life.

Planted Chilstone Urns at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens

Create a Centre Piece

The planting around your urn makes a big impact on your garden design. Formal hedging and topiary add a traditional backdrop to show off your stonework.

Chilstone urn as the centre piece of a formal garden.

Chilstone’s Longleat urn in a formal hedged garden.

Hand Finished Details

Chilstone’s Pope’s Urn in a wooded, rural garden.

Our urns are hand made to produce detailed patterns which add interest to rural settings and create a statement in a minimalist garden.

Our cast stone naturally weathers, encouraging spontaneous moss and lichen growth. Well weathered urns can increase in value. Our Pope’s urn looks dramatic in mid-winter.

A winter vista with a weathered Pope’s Urn as a focal point.

Our pieces can be styled any way you like. Our Pope’s Urn can look very different depending on your design. Sir Roy Strong painted his to create his unique look for his Laskett Gardens.

Chilstone’s Pope’s Urn painted by Sir Roy Strong as a feature of his Laskett Garden.

Simply Stylish

Urns don’t have to be big or bold to make a statement. We have a number of elegant smaller urns that draw the eye. These beauties look wonderful in pocket gardens or in larger spaces to brighten up hedging or flower beds.

Chilstone’s Acanthus Urn.

Urns can compliment flower beds, adding contrasting colour and making your blooms appear more abundant.

Chilstone’s Victorian Tazza compliments a well planted border.

Abundant planting

Urns allow you to show off your plants at eye level adding the wow factor. An urn overflowing with blooms really brings a dull corner to life. Plus it’s easier on your back to do the weeding. Choose an urn to suit your space and style.

Chiltone Preston Vase brimming with flowers

Chilstone Urns are available in a number of colour options and finishes. This well weathered Classic Urn is shown without the handles.

Or add some blooms to add interest to brick walls.

Fluted Bowl with summer bedding plants.

Simple or Intricate

Urns don’t have to be classical, we have sleek lines or more intricate designs.

Simple style with Chilstone’s Kent Bowl

Contain Tricky Plants

Urns were originally used a memorials but they are more often used as large planters. They are great for making a feature of plants that don’t thrive in your local soil. Show off stunning Acers or Azaleas in ericaceous soil in a planter or urn, or you can restrict plants that look great in floral displays but have invasive roots that take over the planted beds, like Ivy.

Bulrush Urn with tumbling Ivy.

Finishing Touches

Our urns look smart in pairs. We used a pair of George IV Tazzas on pedestals in a garden we worked with at Hampton Court to make garden look finished.

We love this country house look with pairs around borders and beds to define sections of the garden

A pair of Nuneham Urns in a country garden.

Our urns are on sale this week, so why not treat yourself to a pair with 20% discount until 4th November as part of our 65 day sale.

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