65 Day Sale – It’s The Final Countdown! 20% discount across stone garden ornaments and finials

Wednesday, November 28 , 2018

65 Day Sale – It’s The Final Countdown! 20% discount across stone garden ornaments and finials

There’s 20% discount across stone garden ornaments and finials this week.

The support for our 65 day sale has been phenomenal. As a thank you to our customers we have decided to extend the sale across all the products featured in the sale so far. So until 4th of December there’s 20% off fountains and more.

Pretty Planters

Our world famous Kensington Planters, featured in the engagement photos of the now Duke and Duchess of Sussex are included in our sale. Add the royal touch to your home. The simple lines make these planters so versatile. Plant bay trees in pairs or make a smart pathway lined with numerous Kensington planters.

Our planters are set in pairs either side of the paths in the gardens at Kensington Palace

Chilstone’s Kensington Planters were originally created for Kensington Palace as part of the refurbishment for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement between our planters at Kensington Palace. We featured the planters at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show the week after the royal wedding engraved with their new titles.

Our products are handmade to bring out detailed patterns so why not try something more ornate with our Harewood Jardiniere.

Our Harewood Jardiniere is the central feature in this garden designed by Kate Ball.

Perfect Pedestals

Why not try adding drama to your garden with our stone pedestals? Nothing screams romance like a statue amongst sweetly scented roses raised on a pedestal. It’s enough to make a Jane Austen Drama or Mr. Darcy go weak at the knees.

Make a feature amongst your flower beds with stone pedestals and statues. *

Or you can add an almost military precision to your art in smart rows.

Yves Klein Blue Nudes displayed on Chilstone stone pedestals.

Whatever your style, our pedestals make the a strong, but beautiful base to really show off your garden features.

Round and square Chilstone pedestals with urns in an established formal garden.

Beautiful Benches

From simple lines to curved seats with intricate lion designs on the legs, our stone benches can be as much of a feature in your garden as it is a place to admire your planting features. Engrave it, antique it or make a little nook for reading or watching wildlife.

Make the most of your views with a stone bench built to last.

Simple and stylish stone bench to suit any garden beautifully.

Stunning Sundial Plinths

While life seems to be speeding up, literally make time in your garden. A stone sundial plinth with a sundial plate* or an impressive armillary sphere* can mark a special memory or occasion never to be forgotten.

Many of our sundial plinths can be fitted with armillary spheres or sundial plate.*

Our sundial plinths, like all our products weather beautifully over time.

Opulent Urns

You don’t need a garden the size of Louis XIV’s Versaille to rock our stylish urns. Add formal flair with one of our classic pieces. These ooze sophistication and charm in a formal front garden.

Chiltone urn raised on a pedestal with colourful blooms, set in formal box hedging.

Make a statement entrance with pairs of urns on garden walls as finials.

Our stone is handmade and is available in a range of colours from Portland to bath stone to fit your garden design or to match your current stonework.

Our products come in a range of colours, our staff can advise you.


Fabulous Fountains

From courtyard gardens to sweeping hotel grounds our fountains look fabulous.

We have a wide range of spectacular fountains

Two Richmond fountains as a matching pair.

Whatever the weather!

Snow covered fountains look dramatic


Impressive icicles form on fountains in winter.

Fantastic Finials

Many of the products in our range can be used at finials. From classic balls to planted urns or even statues, please just ask.

Classic ball finials

Brilliant Birdbaths

With winter approaching it’s important to look after the wildlife in your garden. That doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style. Classic curves or rustic charm, our stone birdbaths help birds to land and grip the rim.

Classic bestselling Chilstone birdbath.

Simple lines, but a lifeline for wildlife in cold winters and hot summers.


Thank you!

Thank you for all your support. The 20% discount on Chilstone products in the sale ends on 4th December. If you place your order now we can delay delivery to suit your plans. Please ask our team. It’s been a fantastic birthday, here’s to the next 65 years!

There are so many years of experience in our workshop. It’s where the magic happens and where countless new pieces have been created over the past 65 years in business.



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