Folly Sundial

Chilstone Slim Pedestal C4330

    The hexagonal base and baluster top are beautifully complimented by the circular capital and base. This sundial works very well with a smaller sized plate. Perfect for petite gardens, lawns and patios.

    Sundial plinths can be engraved on request to make an personalised gift on request.

    Sundial plates and armillaries are supplied separately at an additional cost. – see below for full range.

    Handmade by Chilstone in Kent, England.

    Height: 62.5 cm (24.75 ins)
    Base width: 28.5cm (11.25 ins)
    Round capital: 28.5 cm (11.25 ins)

    PRICE: £130.00 + VAT
    CODE: C3758H


    Cast stone colour choices

    • Portland
      Code: Standard

    • Light Bath Stone
      Code: Y50

    • Ragstone
      Code: RSSB2

    • Light Grey
      Code: GN

    • Bath Stone
      Code: Y75

    • York Stone
      Code: CNN

    The photographs above are merely intended to be indicative of final colour and may vary slightly from that shown. Product colours tend to be lighter than computer images. Stone colours are darker when wet.

    Engraving & personalisation

    Chilstone are pleased to offer many kinds of customisation and personalised detailing including house names, memorials, anniversaries and birthdays, building origin dates, plaques, historical biographical references and many more. Hand engraving is offered on any piece, whether it is a hand carved inscription on a stone monument or a personal message engraved on a brass garden ornament. Gilding and painting are also possible. Our sales team will be delighted to assist you with any personal project that you have in mind

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