Vintage Garden Ornaments

Tuesday, September 27 , 2022

Vintage Garden Ornaments

As autumn takes hold well weathered garden ornaments can create dramatic focal points in gardens. Moss covered stone with a rich patina creates a feature all year round, especially when summer blooms die back. This vintage stone is sought after as it often sells well at auction. We have limited vintage stock available, but lets take a look at how weathered garden ornaments can compliment your outdoor space.

Large Urns for Lasting Impact

A traditional, lidded urn can draw the eye between your planting scheme to great effect. When the flower beds are blooming the stone blends into the background, but as the seasons change stone garden ornaments can pull the fading elements of the garden together to create a beautiful ambience.

Chilstone’s William Kent Urn in our grounds.

As the leaves blaze with colour, the contrasting stone urn helps pinpoint the center of a vista, making it into a statement feature, rather than a rolling landscape, so you can make your view more striking.

Chilstone’s Northbourne Finial in autumn

As autumn takes hold and the leaves drop, garden ornaments can show off the beauty of the seasons, twinkling with frost. Or looking austere and moody in the dark winter days between the bare branches.

Chilstone Pope’s Urn in winter

However you style your landscaping, urns in the right spot can pull your garden and property into a cohesive design, as a constant centerpiece in an ever changing space, as different aspects flower or burst into colour throughout the year.

Chilstone William Kent Urn in a formal front garden

Our urns are versatile so don’t limit your ideas. Sir Roy Strong painted our Pope’s urn in vibrant colours to make his Laskett Garden in Hereforshire pop. A traditional design with unconventional style. Don’t be constrained by traditions. There’s no set way to design your outdoor space. Go for it!

Chilstone Pope’s Urn painted in bright blue and yellow in the Laskett Garden with a peach painted pedestal and engraving.

Embrace Weathering

When the rain lashes and autumn leaves shroud your stone, everything can feel dank and dingy, but this is exactly when the weathering magic happens. The water releases the tannins from the fallen leaves that soak into your cast stone, that ultimately helps the rich patina to develop. The patina that is so desirable at auction. Oak leaves are particularly tannin rich, creating a browner tone. The darker patina is so prized that many customers seek to speed up the process. Read more about how to quickly weather your cast stone with leaves here.

Moss covered sundial plinth in Chilstone’s grounds in autumn.

If you prefer moss growth or a grey toned patina read how to use a soot or yoghurt to speed up the weathering process for  your stone.

Chilstone Acanthus bench, weathered to a rich patina.

Moss and lichen growth are highly desirable, again the rain is your friend here, helping the spores to flourish and reclaim your garden ornaments. This adds a timeless and sometimes fairytale feel to garden spaces.

Chilstone pedestal swathed in moss.

As the patina develops, it highlights certain details on the garden statue or ornament, making these features stand out, adding character.

Well weathered Chilstone Boy Warrior statue, developing a deep patina.

Vintage Chilstone

We have a few items naturally weathered outside our workshop in the Kent countryside. Stock is very limited and each one has a unique patina. We can mix and match components to create a unique design, perfect for you. Ask our team. Our website has a select number of vintage items on display, but these sell quickly so it is best to phone ahead to check it is still available and reserve it.

Explore our treasure trove. Who knows what gem you’ll find. You are welcome to bring dogs on leads and enjoy our outdoor space as you browse our vintage stock.

Handmade Since 1953

All our products are entirely handmade by artisan makers to ensure quality and fine details. Craftsmanship takes time and skill, which is why we use hand tools, never factory machinery.  We have been making fine cast stone for seventy years, since the day of the Queen’s coronation.

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