Vintage Chilstone – Rare Pieces

Wednesday, August 30 , 2017

Vintage Chilstone – Rare Pieces

Vintage Chilstone is back! After a successful summer, we are offering a limited number of pieces for sale. Each handcrafted cast stone garden ornament increases in value as it weathers. After many years ageing gracefully in our show garden, these have been hand selected for sale, for a limited time only.

Vintage Chilstone Italian Planter

This planter looks magnificent, bursting with Agapanthus. This large urn can hold good sized trees and shrubs, with a simple design from Italy c.1600. Speckled with lichen and moss, this piece blends with boarders and flowerbeds, a timeless classic.



Height: 80 cm (31.75 inches)

Total diameter: 70 cm (27.75 inches)

Base diameter: 42 cm (16.5 inches)

Planting diameter: 58.5 cm (23.25 inches)

Depth: 52 cm (20.5 inches)


Italian Planter – £795.00 + VAT


Vintage Chilstone Goddess Flora Statue

Deeply darkened with age, this well weathered statue of the Goddess Flora is extremely rare. Traditional statue of the Goddess of the garden, finely draped, holding a cornucopia in her arms.



Height: 99 cm (39 inches)

Base diameter: 28 cm (11 inches)



Goddess Flora Statue and Pedestal  – £895.00 + VAT


Vintage Chilstone Vine Urn

Highly ornate French urn c.1700, decorated with vines tied in a bow, encircling a medallion of children playing.  The base is formed of upturned acanthus leaves. Reproduced by kind permission of Richard Cavendish of Holker Hall, Lancashire. This piece has mellowed in colour, with soft clumping moss around the base.



Height:63.5 cm (25 inches}

Diameter: 65 cm (25.5 inches}

Square neck base: 33 cm (13 inches)


Vine Urn and Pedestal – £795.00 + VAT


Vintage Chilstone Staddlestone

Traditional mushroom shaped staddlestone. Originally designed to protect wooden buildings from damp and vermin. These increase in value and style as they age, each changing in colouring patterns as the face the elements.



Height: 78.8 cm (31 inches)

Top diameter: 48.2 cm (19 inches)

Base diameter: 43.1 cm (17 inches)


Staddlestone  –  £395.00 + VAT


More About Vintage Chilstone

These one off, established pieces are available for a limited time. It takes time to age the fine handcrafted cast stone in key locations around our show garden to enhance the weathering process and bring out the beauty of the stoneware. Please give us a call for more information. 01892 740866 or email or visit our showgarden.  Look out for more one off vintage Chilstone, due to be released later in the year.

New Cast Stone

All of these designs are also available as brand new in a range of four colours. Visit our website here for our range.

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