Valentine’s Gifts for Romantic Gardeners

Wednesday, January 27 , 2021

Valentine’s Gifts for Romantic Gardeners

With a lock down Valentine’s Day looming why not treat your loved one to something that lasts longer than a romantic dinner? Our garden ornaments can be engraved to make them extra special and they are a great way to make your garden look fabulous. Now is the time to get your garden ready so you can show off your planting and landscape design once we are allowed to invite friends and family over. Here’s our guide to romantic garden gifts.


Statues add year-round interest and set the tone for your garden design. Delicate statues like Apollo and Daphne, work well with flowing climbers, opulent blooming peonies, roses and alliums. Make a statement with abundant flowers that contrast the white marble of the statue to make it really sing. This statue embodies nature, as Daphne’s fingers transform into foliage so why not frame the statue with a well planted setting. Although the story of Apollo and Daphne is a tale of unrequited love, the artistic flow of this statue is sure to add a romantic feel to your garden

Cast stone replica Greek sculpture of Apollo and daphne on a grassy background

Chilstone’s statue created by Admir Siljec is our take on the classic Apollo and Daphne statue.


This vast planting scheme is in the Barakura garden in Japan. It is utterly gorgeous, but a smaller version could be recreated in many back gardens. Adding a statue and a pergola or columns add height and a frame for the garden and doubles as a support for climbing plants.

A classical statue can add a focal point to bring your planting scheme together. Chilstone supplied a number of cast stone garden ornaments to the Barakura Gardens in Japan.

A well placed statue can soften hard landscaping features too. This Talbot Dog statue makes a feature of the garden steps, adding interest and bringing the functional aspects of the space to life. It’s also a way to remember a beloved pet, and inject some character into your space. Make the garden somewhere that you love, full of the things that make your heart sing!

Our Talbot Dog makes a nice feature between steps and a low garden wall with balustrade.


Planters are a great gift for gardeners. They create a new planting opportunity – what’s not to love? Our planters come a wide range for shapes, styles and sizes. From long troughs to heavily swagged Regency style urns to stylish, contemporary finishes. They are all handmade in Kent to last. Whether you want a wide rim to maximise the space for bedding plants and bulbs or a deep, sturdy pot for ornamental trees , or a neat matching pair for either side of your entrance, there are many option to choose from.

Chilstone’s Chilworth Jardiniere.

All our planters and urns can be adapted with or without drainage holes, depending on whether you want to use them outside or in your conservatory. We can even make them without a bottom at all to allow your trees to root into the ground and flourish while looking neat and tidy in a statement planter.

A pair of royally commissioned planters for Kensington Palace gardens.

Urns and tazzas not only look great as a floral filled feature  in your garden, they are also perfect for gardeners who don’t want to spend all their time kneeling in flower beds. Be kind to your back and add these beauties along walls, on pedestals or instead of finials. Eye catching and perfect for planted displays in every season!

A Chilstone tazza and pedestal at the Hampton Court Flower Show.

Of course if you want year-round style without the worry of what to plant then lidded urns are for you! These smart, statement pieces are gorgeous just as they are. You can even engrave the pedestal or base to make them extra special or commemorative

Our Longleat urn and pedestal is a timeless style icon.


A bench is the perfect way to relax and soak in the atmosphere of the garden. Share a drink, watch the wildlife and appreciate the blooms. Cast stone benches combine beautiful styling with durability. These won’t rot or rust or need re-painting, although you can paint them if you want to. The stone can be colour matched to your home or patio and you can engrave a message of love which can be painted in gold, or a colour you desire. Our talented engraver has even replicated an illustration on a bench seat for children’s author Lauren Child!

A classical bench with lion masks on the legs looks great beside the pool.

With straight or curved seats, legs adorned with lions or just plain, we can help you find the bench perfect to fit a romantic spot for your loved one or loved garden.

Who says you can’t just treat yourself? While gardens have never been more important, we could all do with a seat outside to relax and enjoy some peace.

This wedding gift was engraved with the lyrics of a the happy couple’s first dance.


For a huge declaration of love you could go all out and install a fountain! It’s a big investment but one that will look fantastic! You don’t need a huge space, we do make some gorgeous petite water features, but they all take some planning so this won’t be installed by 14th of February. We can supply a picture and deliver it when you are ready.

Fountain sections can be mixed and matched to get the look you want. This is set in a formal pond.

Our fountains can even be supplied with a pond surrounds that allow additional planting space! The traditional fountain look is synonymous with romance, but we do make contemporary water features too.

This classic Kew fountain is in a pool surround designed with planting room.


Sundials are the classic garden ornament. Whether you opt for the traditional sundial plate or an elaborate armilary sphere our cast stone plinths can be engraved with a special message or poetic quote to show you care.

Tall sundial plinths can look impressive with a large armiliary sphere.

These traditional time pieces are an exquisite way to celebrate a special relationship and the years you’ve been together. However, you don’t have to opt for a traditional look! (although we do make classical styles too!). We can create even special commissions on request.

Our sundial plinths come in a range of shapes and sizes.

Sundials work well on patios, beside driveways, in flower beds or as a feature on a lawn. Just be sure to place them on an even surface in a sunny spot.

Engraved Chilstone sundial plinth.


Why not show some love to the wildlife in your garden with a beautiful birdbath? From robins to owls, they all need water and like to clean their feathers. You can enjoy spotting the wildlife that gathers in your garden for years to come and remember happy times.

Chilstone Birdbath in a newly created flower bed.

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