Stone Garden Statues and Ornaments as Gifts

Tuesday, October 03 , 2023

Stone Garden Statues and Ornaments as Gifts

Our handcrafted stone garden statues and ornaments make wonderful gifts for gardeners. Best of all you can save 20% on our wide range in classical and contemporary styles. Each week from now until December we are offering  a 20% discount on different stone garden statues and ornaments including fountains, sundials and feature planters on pedestals.  Here are some great garden ideas to inspire you.

Special Pots and Planters

Gardeners love extra spaces to plant up! Small urns are so versatile. These elegant, stone planers can be added to garden walls and coping stones to create beautiful features that can be filled with seasonal bedding plants all year round. Urns help to complement garden designs and planting schemes. Pop them on pedestals or patios to brighten up nooks and less used areas of your garden.

The classical bowl shaped urns have a wide lip to maximise the planting room and have a timeless style. Fill them with layers of spring and summer bulbs and top with cyclamen as a thoughtful Christmas gift that will bloom for most of the year ahead.

Small stone garden urn with an elegant neck, adorning a garden patio to create a new space for planting.

Small urns add new places to plant flowers!

There are so many different styles to choose from. These Gothic planters make an impact in pairs,  helping to create a smart but inviting entrance. Perfect for ornamental shrubs and trees. These are also available with open bottoms to allow tree roots to develop underground while maintaining the potted tree look.

A pair of matching Chilstone Gothic planters with potted bay trees around a beautiful and welcoming entrance.

A pair of matching Chilstone Gothic Jardinières make a beautiful and welcoming entrance.

Our large stone garden planters and jardinieres are great for creating focal points in garden designs. Large octagonal planters with Gothic detailing have a good planting depth for larger perennials and shrubs.  Place them on patios and plinths to create a decorative focal point and add a small Nordic pine with outdoor fairy lights for a festive feel!

A large octagonal planter with Gothic features to make a bold garden design statement with topiary and bright pelargoniums.

Chilstone’s large Gothic Octagonal planter makes an exceptional garden feature.

Garden designer, Kate Ball made our Harwood Jardinière the central feature of this landscape. The traditional basket weave design and formal lions feet contrasts with the soft fronded grasses and perennials that wave in the breeze.

A beautiful garden designed by Kate Ball, featuring swaying grasses and perennials around a Chilstone traditional stone garden planter with basket weave design and lions feet, raised on a plinth as the central feature.

Garden design by Kate Ball with Chilstone’s Harewood Jardiniere.

Stone Garden Furniture

Now we know that stone tables and garden benches aren’t easy to wrap but they’re wonderful for al fresco dining. Wrap up warm or light a chimenea for a romantic and cosy Boxing Day dinner under the stars and dream of outside entertaining for the coming new year.

A garden with three stone benches around a large, round stone garden table with a holiday feel.

Stone garden table and benches give gardens the classical holiday feel.

Stone benches can also be engraved as an extra special gift. Make it personal with names of loved ones, anniversary dates or a poetry quote. A lasting gift to show how much you care. Our fine cast stone won’t rot, but it will weather naturally to a rich patina. Mix and match our bench tops and legs to create the length, style and shape you want.

A curved Chilstone, stone garden bench, engraved with the name Sophie in a beautiful garden planted with lavender and verbena.

An engraved stone bench makes a special gift.

Whether your home is modern or traditional, we have garden benches and stone tables available in sleek contemporary styles and ornate regency styles to suit your space. Pop in and see us to talk to our team or stroll around our workshop gardens for some inspiration.

Straight stone benches either side of a long rectangular stone garden table on a patio.

Chilstone Cast stone bench and table in contemporary style.

Or for couples and families, our high backed Jubilee bench also makes a cosy garden spot. Pile it with cushions, sit back and enjoy the view all year round!

High backed stone bench with curved seat.High backed Jubilee bench.

Stylish Statues

Well placed statues can bring gardens to life. Transform forgotten corners and nooks with interesting figurines for an arty feel. Statues add contrast to banks of evergreen hedging, with a classical style.

Boy Soldier Aged Cast Stone Statue, well weathered, covered in moss and lichen.

A moss covered statue adds such character to gardens and outside spaces.

Over time our fine cast stone statues weather, with nature reclaiming the surface with fluffy moss and lichens. Garden statues create appeal all year round, but especially in the winter when the trees are bare and the stone twinkles with frost for that magical, festive feel.

Aged Cast Stone Male Statue The French Figure, moss covered with a rich patina.

A well weathered Chilstone statue, the French Figure.

Our statues range from small animals to large statement stags! These impressive features create the wow factor, especially if you choose gilded antlers! A wonderful gift to enjoy in the garden together

Get Organised and Save

Get your gift shopping ordered early and save. Many of our handcrafted garden ornaments are on offer between October and December. Check our sale page for the weekly offers for 20% discount. You can show your special people and your wallet some love this season!

Pop into our workshop garden for some inspiration and talk to our team.

A curvaceous stone sundial plinth, handmade by Chilstone, adorned with a large, brass armillary sphere.

A handmade Chilstone sundial plinth with armillary sphere makes a lasting garden gift.

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