Pre-Christmas Sale

Tuesday, October 18 , 2022

Pre-Christmas Sale

This year, while we can’t fix the cost-of-living-crisis we can offer our customers 20% discount on our cast stone garden ornaments. Each week we will open a different category that will be on offer. Keep your eye on our sale page so you don’t miss out. It’s a great opportunity to buy Christmas gifts for friends and family and a good excuse to treat yourself!

Be Inspired

Whether you are updating your own garden or buying Christmas gifts we have a wide range of garden ornaments in our Pre-Christmas sale. our planters offer was very popular. If you’ve missed out, you might get a second chance later in the sale. Check the website or call the team to stay up to date.

A pair of Hadlow troughs for indoor plants.

Our planters look fantastic inside as well as in gardens. Our handcrafted planters can be made without drainage holes for indoor use or without a bottom entirely if you want to grow ornamental trees that root into the ground, to smartly flank an entrance and thrive. Many of our planters are large enough for trees suitable for the Queen’s Green Canopy.

Our Hurlingham Bowl and pedestal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

It’s helpful to think about how the planters will be used. Raised planters on pedestals can assist gardeners with mobility issues while making a beautiful focal point to be proud of.

Timepieces for Someone Special

Sundials are working timepieces that have been around since the Egyptians. Our cast stone sundial plinths can be engraved with a personal message to commemorate a special birthday, anniversary or just to tell someone how special the are.

A vintage Chilstone sundial covered in moss.

As the sundial ages, reclaimed by moss and lichen, it melds into the garden around it, merging human innovation and nature. A garden feature made to last.

A Lifeline For Garden Wildlife

In freezing winters, through blazing summers, the birds and squirrels will be grateful for a water source in your garden. Birdbaths can be a lifeline for animals. You could be visited by owls, bats, birds of prey, frogs, foxes and even a deer if you are lucky, all drawn to a safe space to drink or bathe. Add a little gravel near the edge and bees will be appreciative.

A well placed birdbath for viewing wildlife between a planted bed and patio.

Enjoy the wildlife all year round or give this gift to someone who would delight in spotting the visiting creatures.

This birdbath brings the lawn, planted beds and patio together. In a place safe away from over hanging branches that could allow cats to pounce from.

Fountains For Garden Tranquility

Fountains are a big investment. A 20% discount could save you a significant amount to contribute towards the installation costs. Invest now and by the summer you can relax in the garden, listening to the soothing sound of water spilling from the bowl into the pool surround.

Our popular Octagonal fountain is self contained without a pond.

We have a wide range of fountains for gardens of all sizes, from wall mounted fountains in petite courtyards to huge multi tiered turning circles for grand driveways.

Bring Your Garden to Life

Transform your garden into a personal haven. Make your garden your own with your unique design. Statues can reinvigorate forgotten corners or create contrast in large sections of evergreen hedging. Small animal statues can liven up your patio while large figures can make a big statement.

Boy Soldier Aged Cast Stone Statue

A well weathered Chilstone statue.

A well placed bench will repurpose unused spaces into reading nooks or places to admire the garden, a place to sit and smell the roses. Stone benches won’t rot, lasting for years to come.

Our benches curve into garden spaces.

Many of our cast stone ornaments and benches can be engraved with a special, personal message.

A bench has a large area suitable for engraving.

Don’t Miss Our Weekly Offers

Whether you are looking for Christmas gift inspiration or to update your garden, you can save 20% in our sale each week. But the discount is only for one garden ornament category per week, so make sure you keep an eye on our sale page so you don’t miss out.

Our garden ornaments are handmade in our Kent workshop. Come and visit us and gain inspiration.

Come and explore our show gardens. Dogs are welcome on leads.






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