Owls Take to Chilstone

Monday, August 08 , 2016

Owls Take to Chilstone

We thought we’d share the photos from our recent open day which included the fantastic owl show.  It was fascinating to see these beautiful birds up close. Our guests even got to stoke them.

Barn Owl on a Weathered Chilstone Sundial

The children were really delighted by the baby owl, Percy, who was only eight days old. He was too young to show us his flying skills, but he was very content and cosy in his keeper’s arms. He was extremely cute with the softest downy feathers that you can imagine, even softer than kitten fur.


Baby Owl at Chilstone Sculpture Exhibition


The older owls were quite taken with the sundials, stone urns and planters in our show garden and one even landed the head of our Persephone statue as a perch!

By chance we managed to capture a shot of an owl swooping back to the keeper through our Doric Temple that’s featured in our new look logo!


The sculptures are still on display, placed carefully around the show gardens to create a trail in all the secret nooks between the trees, as well as many in the main show garden area. Bring your children and Grandchildren along to explore lots of eye popping art and animal sculptures in the Kent countryside for free during the school holidays, while the exhibition is still here near Fordcombe, outside Tunbridge Wells.

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