Make Your Garden A Castle – Traitors Style!

Monday, January 09 , 2023

Make Your Garden A Castle – Traitors Style!

Were you hooked on the BBC’s Traitors over Christmas? Claudia Winkleman hosted hopefuls trying to win £100,000 in a Scottish castle. The ‘Faithful’ tried to stay in the game and win the cash, attempting to identify and oust the ‘Traitors’ before the ‘Traitors’ picked them off one by one to keep the money for themselves.

Were you screaming at your TV? Did you wish everyone would just listen to Maddy when she was right? Did you think Will deserved to win? Or were you admiring the garden decor like we were? For much less than the prize money, we can help you get the grand, castle vibe in your garden, with stature and drama for every series of your life!

Grand Balustrade

BBC’s The Traitors was set at Ardross Castle, near Inverness. This provided a spectacular backdrop for the show.  As one of the few manufacturers of cast stone garden ornaments in the UK, with seventy years in business, we can help you to get the look in your own garden, whether you have acres of grounds or a petite city courtyard.

Well designed balustrade with clever use of components can be more cost effective.

While the ‘Faithful’ wrangled over who was a traitor they paced along the patio, overlooking stunning highland views, edged with impressive  balustrade and coping stones. Well designed stone balustrading can finish off a garden with elegance, creating an impressive decorative feature. It can transform patios into something extra special. Our skilled team can design the best use of components for an efficient cost and stylish fit.

From lyrical, Hever Castle styled patterns to traditional baluster styles like those that line the Thames Embankment, we have a range of handmade balustrades to make your garden something to be proud of.

Cast stone steps and balustrading can add a polished look. Add great lighting to make the most of gorgeous evenings in the garden.

Pair stone balustrading with finely crafted cast stone steps to make a majestic garden entrance and make the most of the vistas and gradients in your garden. Top it off with well crafted coping stones for a polished look.

Striking Statues

Now one thing that really caught our eye throughout the BBC series was the pair of impressive stag statues that flanked the path from the grounds up to the castle.

Pairs of statues on large pedestals add a dramatic focal point.

Our very own recumbent stag statues create the wow factor. These large pieces are hand made from fine cast stone. This material is more cost effective than bronze. The stone can be sealed to keep the fresh, new look or leave it to weather naturally and develop a rich patina like natural stone, developing moss and lichen growth over time. The antlers can be gilded for an exquisite finish.

Our recumbent stag statue is available singularly or in pairs.

Raise statues in pairs on large pedestals, or incorporate them into your balustrades. Ask our team how we can help create your dream garden. With seventy years in business we have created quality garden ornaments for a range of clients from Kensington Palace to Hever Castle, from restorations to new bespoke designs.

Incorporate statues and finials into your balustrade for a breathtaking centerpiece.

Whatever statue you opt for, place it somewhere it can shine and captivate. These evergreens have become a more significant feature as the backdrop for our striking stag with gilded antlers atop a painted and engraved pedestal in Sir Roy Strong’s Laskett garden in Herefordshire.

Use your imagination. Our versatile cast stone can be engraved, painted or gilded.

We don’t just make stags. Our range includes heraldic lions too! Large statues can bring a vista together for maximum impact!

Our heraldic lion is a statement piece.

We also make small statues to add interest to planted beds and smaller gardens. We can repair and replicate garden ornaments, you’d be surprised at the range of projects we have worked on over the decades.

Urns and Planters

The urns dotted around the Traitors’ castle grounds added to the drama, especially around the fire pit in the finale! Well placed urns can make a big difference to your garden design.

The BBC’s nerve-wracking fire fit finale was adorned with urns and stone benches for high drama and finesse. Everything you’d expect in an impressive property.

Urns and statement planters can be used at finials to adorn your balustrade, or they can become regal accents in your garden design. A well placed urn on a pedestal can unite a planting scheme, drawing the eye in every season.

You don’t need acres of garden for large garden ornaments. Our William Kent Urn looks spectacular in this well thought out front garden.

Add urns singularly or use them collectively to line a grand driveway, transforming your property into your personal castle, in the Highlands, or just down the road.  Whatever the size of your garden we can work with you to make the best of your space.

An impressive driveway of urns and pedestals we supplied for a film set.


The firepit area, in the final episode of The Traitors was also used in many scenes where the cast found the stone benches the perfect place to sit and plot or to figure out who the traitors were and what their game plan might be. Well, except for sweet Meryl, who had no clue and just enjoyed sitting with everyone, taking in the view with a glass of something lovely.

A small curved bench, engraved with the children’s names for a remarkable family garden.

You can engrave the names of the ‘Faithful’ into your bench, for those who you are ‘100% sure’ aren’t traitors, like Hannah, Aaron and Meryl thought of Will despite Maddy’s protestations. Or you can add a memorable date or anniversary.

One of our straight stone benches in the rose garden at Hever Castle in Kent.

Cast stone benches won’t rot like wood. They are an investment to last, so you can enjoy your space for years to come. Available in a range of styles and sizes from classical to contemporary. We can curve the bench seat and we even make high backed benches to fill with cushions to relax on.

Our stone benches are available in many sizes with a range of classical and contemporary legs to fit your space and style.

Ask our Experts For Advice

From private gardens to items for set design for TV and films, our team can help you create the look you want. We have supplied handcrafted stone for sets from The Crown on Netflix to Disney’s major feature films. We can replicate and restore stonework. We can adapt or mix and match our handmade range to suit your needs as well as making bespoke items. Please call our team or drop in to discuss how we can help you.

Make an appointment or pop in and see us.

We can show you how we handcraft our stone in our workshop and take you to see finished projects in the locality. Come and visit us just outside Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

All our range is made by hand, just as it has been for 70 years





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