Magnificent Lockdown Garden Projects

Tuesday, August 17 , 2021

Magnificent Lockdown Garden Projects

Despite the lows of the pandemic our customers have created some really beautiful gardens while we have all been spending more time at home. From expansive vistas to chic petite back gardens the results have been magnificent. Our customers have been kind enough to share their spaces to offer inspiration to anyone who loves gardening.


Petite Perfection

You don’t need grand plans for the wow factor. An elegant statue, well lit and planted can make a smaller space sing!

Our iconic Dove statue on a staddlestone birdbath looks elegant and adds interest to a garden corner.

Dove statue displayed on a staddlestone birdbath


This looks great during the day, but as dusk descends and the garden lights go on it looks really magical. Perfect for summer evening entertaining.

Our dove statue has romantic charm lit in the evening.

It’s not just statues that bringer smaller spaces to life, a feature fountain can unite your planting and set the tone of your space. It’s how you pull all the strands of your design together that creates the impact. This combination of an elegant fountain in a tiled pool surround with exotic plants adds a Mediterranean flavour. This garden feels like a wonderful holiday in the convenience of your garden!

Our Richmond Fountain is versatile and looks great in classical and modern garden designs.

Pretty Beds to Adorn

Adding a birdbath to planted beds not only adds access to water for bees, it also makes birds feel safe. The open sight lines helps birds to see the surrounding area and there are no vantage points for predictors to pounce from. It also maintains an interesting focal point all year around when the planted beds die back.



A birdbath helps all sorts of garden wildlife from birds to dragonflies and even frogs if you are lucky.

If you pick the right spot you will have endless, happy visitors bringing joy into your garden. The material you choose is important. Cast stone helps birds to grip. It doesn’t get too hot in the sunshine or too cold in the winter for their feet like metal does. Our customers have seen a range of animals at their birdbaths, from robins to sparrow hawks. Bees like birdbaths with some gravel at the edges in shallow water. We have seen owls and even deer around birdbaths at our showgardens in Kent!

A 75th birthday gift which the birds love!

Planted for all the Senses

This garden was designed by Juliet Sargent, RHS gold medal winner. The garden uses swathes of lavender to soften the hard landscaping and bring it all together. The Octagonal fountain peeps out from the blooms. The fragrance would be wonderful and the bees love it! This garden combines beautiful flowers and urns to make the most of the visuals around the hard landscaping. The fragrant lavender, the soothing sound of buzzing bees and running water from the fountain with the different textures of the materials and planting creates a sensory wonderland.

Photo credit: Matthew J Thomas. Our Octagonal Jardiniere has been adapted into a fountain.

This garden is styled as a garden ‘room’ within a larger garden to separate the space and make it more intimate and usable.

Photo credit: Matthew J Thomas

Fountains for Impact

Some of our customers have gone all out and really made a statement with their fountains. If you have the space then a large fountain can look amazing. Our range can be mix and matched or we can create something bespoke so if you are inspired by our range but want something tailored for you, please just ask.

A statement fountain to match a period property or to create the wow factor.

This garden uses fountain placement and pathways to draw the eye towards this impressive period property, with great impact.

A magnificent landscape design to compliment the property.

But why limit yourself to one fountain? This magnificent landscape design incorporates multiple fountains and even has a fountain adapted into a planter at its center. The beds are edged with engraved benches to admire the garden, while adding the names of loved family members to make it personal.

A Personal Touch

This bench was engraved during the lock down as the family missed their children and added their names to their garden design to feel closer to them. It also provided seating once they could meet up in the garden as restrictions lifted. This touching tribute is a trend that many of our customers added to their gardens during the pandemic, engraving garden ornaments for loved ones.

The names of cherished children engraved in stone.

Our talented engraver can create all sorts of styles on request.

Open by Appointment

We are open by appointment. Please book via phone (01892 740666) or email and our friendly staff will look forward to welcoming you to our show gardens. Our workshop is on site where everything is made by hand, not machine, the same way it has always been for almost 70 years.

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