Introducing Vintage Chilstone!

Tuesday, July 25 , 2017

Introducing Vintage Chilstone!

Unique Pieces

Chilstone’s cast stone garden ornaments, planters and statues increase in value with age. Some of our pieces have sold well at auction at Sotheby’s. Here are some one off vintage pieces, weathered naturally to perfection. We are selling some fine, but rare vintage Chilstone pieces. Each one is unique and available for a limited time. Catch them, before it’s too late!

Vintage Chilstone Harewood Jardiniere On Lion’s Feet and Plinth

This stunning mid-Georgian jardiniere has a highly detailed basket weave design, supported on lions’s feet and plinth to make a grand statement in beautiful gardens. Similar pieces can be seen at Harewood House in Yorkshire. This planter’s handcrafted detailing stands out dramatically with the weather-darkened stone, accentuating the patterns. Large enough to make a big planting statement.



Height including feet and plinth: 94cm (37 inches)

Bowl diameter: 91.4cm (36 inches)

Base diameter 52cm (20.5 inches)

Plinth height 22.8cm (9 inches)

Plinth square top: 61cm (24 inches)

Plinth square base: 68.5cm (27 inches)

Harewood Jardiniere on Lion Feet and Plinth – £950.00 + VAT  



Vintage Chilstone Regency Vase

This classic Regency Vase is naturally weathered, with moss speckled down it’s elegant neck, with thick mossy growth on the pedestal base. This piece is perfect for an abundant plant display, ideally spilling over the rim. It’s wide bowl maximises space for planting, while the tall neck and pedestal show off the beautiful detailed finish, making it a charming focal point in any garden.


Height: 61 cm (24 inches)

Diameter: 63 cm (25 inches)

Square base: 33 cm (13 inches)

Regency Vase – £695.00 + VAT  


Chilstone Vintage Bust of Antonia

This antique Bust of Antonia is well weathered, to make your garden look well established. With an pedestal, extensively covered in moss,

this piece has taken many years to establish itself as a vintage item


Bust Dimensions

Height: 59 cm (23.25 inches)

Width: 39 cm (15.5 inches)

Base diameter: 20.3 cm (8 inches)

For pedestal information contact 01892 740866


Bust of Antonia on pedestal  £795.00 + VAT

Vintage Chilstone Classical Figure

Beautifully aged Regency figure c.1800 in the ever popular, neo-classical style. The figure is draped in cloth, which it holds in one hand, while the other clasps a shell. Standing on a square shaped pedestal.

As a new item, this statue is also available as a fountain, ask the team for details.


Height 134.6 cm (53 inches)

Square base 34.3 cm (13.5 inches)

For pedestal information contact 01892 740866

Classical Figure on pedestal – £1600.00 + VAT

More About Vintage Chilstone

These one off, established pieces are available for a limited time. It takes time to age the fine handcrafted cast stone in key locations around our show garden to enhance the weathering process and bring out the beauty of the stoneware. Please give us a call for more information. 01892 740866 or email or visit our showgarden.  Look out for more one off vintage Chilstone, due to be released later in the year.

New Cast Stone

All of these designs are also available as brand new in a range of four colours. Visit our website here for our range.

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