How to Enhance Your Home on a Budget with Cast Stone

Wednesday, August 09 , 2017

How to Enhance Your Home on a Budget with Cast Stone

Building a new home, an extension, or just adding something extra special to your existing home doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think…  Cast stone weathers to look like carved stone, but at the fraction of the cost- and with all the perks of being versatile.

Chilstone have added character and style to many homes and buildings with cast stone, adding to a property’s appeal and value.

Decorative Windows

New builds don’t have to be boring. Whether you are building an investment property, or creating your dream home from scratch, there are so many things you can do to add style and increase the value of your property with stone.

Chilstone make many handcrafted cast stone details that can make a huge impact, transforming your design to something full of character that weathers to look like carved stone.

These pretty stone window heads are designed to go above long windows supported on padstones. At around £350 each, depending on size and detailing, these can make a feature window without bursting your budget.  They can be painted too.

Windows to Suit Your Imagination

Architectural cast stone is so versatile it can be made in many shapes and sizes. It is more cost effective if we work with existing moulds, but we can adapt designs to suit your needs. For private homes or public buildings, we can make all sorts of styles…

Gothic cast stone windows

We’ve even designed bespoke stone windows for a church!

And Don’t Forget the Doors!

For new builds we can design and supply door surrounds front…

and back.

Restoration Fluted Columns without the Bespoke Price tag

We don’t just work on new builds. For £1,000-£2,000 we restored a Cornish cottage to it’s former glory…  The owners discovered an old photograph of their property, originally with fluted columns around the entrance.  The owners wanted to restore these, but had trouble sourcing them on a budget.

Chilstone matched them to existing cast stone moulds and replicated the portico at a minimal cost.

Historical Photo



For a bigger statement on existing buildings or new builds

With a slightly larger budget of £3-4,000 we can make a really grand cast stone portico, that can weather naturally, or be painted. Porticos add value to your property and make beautiful houses quite grand.


Installed but not yet painted


Whatever your house project, large or small, new build or restoration, our estimating team offer free CAD drawings.

Give us a call 01892 740866 or email for information and advice. We can work directly with your builder, architect or yourself.

You can also find more information on the type of architectural stonework we can produce by browsing the architectural section here on our website.







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