How to Add Character to a New Build

Wednesday, August 23 , 2017

How to Add Character to a New Build

You’ll be surprised how much difference a few pieces of carefully planned stonework will make to your new home. Adding character and a touch of class is easy when you know how.

Here are our top tips to easily add heritage to your new build property…

1) Create A Grand Entrance

It’s true. First impressions make all the difference, so naturally the first step to adding some history to your home is to start with your entrance gates. Adding gate piers and columns creates a grand and stately entrance that you’ll feel proud to come home to.

2) Add a Statement Porch

A stone portico with columns is guaranteed to add both heritage and value to your home…

3) Don’t Forget the Details

If you add just one finishing touch to your property you should focus on either detailed cornices, windowsills or surrounds. Little details might not seem like an important factor but overall they make a huge impact to the character of a property.

4) Have Fun with Fireplaces

Inside, one of the most eye catching and historical features you can play with is a fireplace. Adding a feature stone fireplace changes the entire feel of a space, creating a wonderful focal point- and proven to help sell a new property.

5) Perfect your Planting

With all your beautiful architectural stonework complete, don’t forget your garden! Matching planters with the look and feel of your new house creates a beautifully seamless style.

All of these photos are from a recent new build project we worked on. We were very pleased with the results, as was the client!

If you need more advice on stonework for your property or architecture advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to help.

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