Have You Herd of the Hospice?

Tuesday, July 11 , 2017

Have You Herd of the Hospice?

Have you heard of the herd?

Neither had we, until we took a call in the Chilstone office many months ago. We had a request to help with a then secret campaign that the Hospice in the Weald were planning. The Hospice team wanted us to make a number of simple plinths to display a whole herd of horses statues, decorated by artist and designers and scattered around Kent and Sussex to raise awareness and funds for the Hospice in the Weald. Of course we couldn’t wait!

Horse in Dunorlan Park  – Journey



Horse About Town

We wanted to produce a simple, cost effective, durable plinth that was elegant, but supported the statues, without distracting from the artwork, suitable for a range of locations. We reduced the thickness of the cast stone plinth so that it could be more easily transported.

Horse in The Pantiles – Charter

Saddle up!

The Hospice in the Weald’s herd have been sponsored to raise money for the charity, who have helped so many families in the area.  The campaign runs from July-October 2017. The horses will be auctioned at an event in October. Anyone can join in with the donations, to give £3 text HERD to 70660.

Horse in Tunbridge Wells Town Centre – Invictor

Read all about it and tell your friends!


The Hospice wants you to get involved. Seek the horses on the trek and tell your friends on Facebook that you found them.  Help the Hospice in the Weald support more families and raise some funds!  For more info visit http://www.herdofthehospice.co.uk/

Horse Outside The Courier

We are so happy to be involved in yet another fantastic charity project.  We are always open to bespoke ideas big and small.  Just drop us an email office@www.chilstone.com or call 01892 740866.

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