Handcrafted Christmas

Tuesday, October 19 , 2021

Handcrafted Christmas

Our finest cast stone is made using hand tools, the same way it has been for seven decades. It takes time to handcraft our stone. If you want to give someone you love one of our garden ornaments this Christmas you need to place you order now. We also have gift vouchers available. Here is some inspiration for some Christmas cheer!

Unique Touches

Our Punk Potters sold out last Christmas. You can style it your way, from flowing ‘locks’ to spiky grasses. Pot these punks whatever way suits your style. You can change the planting every season too, depending on what look you want.

Punk Potters can be styled your way with plants.

Our Pope’s urn can become a decorative feature as the evenings draw in. Wrap them in outdoor fairy lights to make the most of its curves! This classic urn also looks dramatic covered in twinkling frost on crisp mornings.

Chilstone’s Pope Urn lit up with fairy lights.

Our Pope’s urn looks dramatic in winter.

More Places to Plant!

If you love gardening you will never have enough planters. Why not invest in a gorgeous urn or planter for an extra special spot in your garden to fill with the plants you love?

Our Hurlingham Bowl is great for creating floral displays each season, with a wide lip to maximise the planting room. It is raised on a pedestal to create a focal point in your garden.

Cast stone planter and portico with wildflowers on Chelsea flower show trade stand

Our Hurlingham Bowl and pedestal featured on our award winning stand at the RHS Chelsea Flower show.

Raised planters and urns can be placed throughout your garden to add pops of colour . Experiment with your space and plants to create interest all year round.

Chilstone’s Vine urn as a center piece.

With a feature planter you can use evergreens to great effect, complimenting the stone with a simple ball of greenery.

Our Octagonal Gothic Jardiniere with a range of matching troughs available.

Don’t forget Indoor Plants

While our planters look great in gardens they also work well for indoor plants. They are perfect for large frost tender plants like Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia), Swiss cheese plants (Monstera deliciosa) or trees like Fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) or Mimosa (Acacia dealbata) etc. You can order our planters without drainage holes so they don’t drip on your flooring, if you prefer. Then you can pop a plastic pot inside it so you can check on root growth making our planters a lasting, feature cover pot.  Remember, cast stone is heavy so these are not recommended to sit upstairs on wooden floorboards.

House plant collection anchored with a pair of small Hadlow troughs.

Indulge your passion for houseplants, grouping multiple plants of varying textures and patterns in a statement planter for a gorgeous, indoor jungle feel.

Our Buckland Urn raises up your planting scheme for maximum impact.

Classic Statues

Every Christmas our animal statues are popular. They add interest to garden spaces, especially when there are fewer flowering plants during the winter months. Our iconic doves can add a romantic feel to benches and pedestals too.

Our dove statues are a popular gift choice.

Our classic Talbot dog is a perfect gift for dog lovers. You can bring your pet on a lead with you as you take a look around our show gardens too. Please browse our statue range online here along with our gifts page. We can engrave gifts on request too.

Our Talbot dog statue has mossy ‘fur’ in our Kent show garden.

Book an appointment to see us

All our stone is made and finished by hand, the same way it has been for seven decades. This takes time to create. If you want to give a Chilstone gift this Christmas to a loved one, you need to order it now to avoid disappointment. Plus you will be ahead with your Christmas shopping! Book an appointment to visit us.

We do have a small number of vintage items at our show gardens available to purchase. Many of our pieces increased in value with age at auction houses around the UK.

We also have gift vouchers available and we can engrave stone items to make them extra special, please just ask our team.

Chilstone staff removing cast stone urn from mould and finishing the stone edges in the workshop

Making our products by hand, as we have always done.

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