Garden Pavilions for Weddings and Parties

Tuesday, July 05 , 2022

Garden Pavilions for Weddings and Parties

The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom, summer is perfect for garden parties and weddings. At Chilstone we make garden pavilions for hotels, venues and country houses as well as private gardens. Whether you want to make the most of a beautiful vista or tune up a string quartet to entertain guests, there are a few things to consider to make the most of your outdoor space.


A garden pavilion is an investment, designed to last, so it needs to be on level ground. You’ll want to make the most of the best aspects of your garden. If you have a spectacular vista a garden pavilion with a stone bench can create the perfect place to sit and enjoy the view.

A garden pavilion can create a tranquil point to admire a stunning view.

Or why not flip this on it’s head and place your pavilion in the best spot to admire your home? Set up cosy lighting or a fire pit and enjoy warm summer evenings in the garden. You can even hire a band to entertain your friends and family while you enjoy a BBQ or be your own  DJ.

A garden pavilion, installed to admire an impressive property. This would be ideal for hotels too.

Our garden pavilions create a sense of romance, especially at dusk with the right lighting, perfect for summer evening events.

Make the most of summer evenings with romantically lit garden pavilions


Our garden pavilions, sometimes called garden temples, are a great investment for hotels and venues. They meet wedding registrar requirements, with pillars wide enough for photographers, yet intimate enough for couples taking their vows.

A hotel garden set up with chairs for wedding guests. The columns of our Doric Temple are wound with flowers

A garden pavilion provides shade for ceremonies taking place on warmer days, while offering a stage for guests to view the happy couple taking their vows. It doubles up as a bandstand for musicians or a DJ for the wedding reception or for other outdoor events throughout the summer.

A Chilstone garden pavilion decorated with floral displays.

The handmade stone columns can be decorated with fresh floral displays, bunting or vining plants to fit with your events and garden design. This makes a beautiful outdoor setting for unforgettable events, or ceremonies to be treasured for a lifetime.

Swathes of blooms decorate this pavilion for a big family wedding. Photo credit: Prash Photography.

Our garden pavilions allow venues the freedom to accommodate a wider array of wedding options for their guests. The ability to host an outdoor wedding can make a venue more desirable. After all, who doesn’t love a summer wedding?


Show off Your Space

Our handcrafted stone garden pavilions come in many shapes and sizes, so you don’t need acres of land to accommodate them.  Rectangular pavilions work well to add a focal point at the end of a traditionally shaped garden.

A tranquil spot created in a garden with Chilstone’s Chelsea Garden House

Smaller pavilions can be used to frame sculptures and statues. These create areas of interest in your garden design and offer some protection from the elements for your art pieces.

Chilstone garden pavilions are available in a range of shapes and sizes.

Our columns can can be smooth or ornate. All our stone is handmade to order, so we can mix and match our range on request.

Smaller garden pavilions, like our Doric temple are perfect to frame statues.

We can even change the roof. This wrought iron design looks magical in winter! It looks fantastic smothered in summer roses too!

wrought iron garden pavilion roof covered in snow


Come and Visit us for Inspiration

We have a number of stone garden pavilions to view outside our Kent workshop near Tunbridge Wells. Please speak to our team who can advise you on a range of options. All our stonework is made entirely by hand. We are an artisan business, nothing is made in a factory. This allows us the flexibility to combine quality craftsmanship with the ability to adapt our range for customers on request.

Chilstone Chelsea Garden House with copper effect roof and vines to eventually grow around the columns.


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