Flower Power – All Week!

Monday, September 20 , 2021

Flower Power – All Week!

We are back at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 28 months after the last show! For the first time in its 108 year history the prestigious show is on in September instead of May and the new colour palate is glorious! We will be posting content all week, so keep an eye on our blog and social media. Here is a peak at the prairie perennials and darling dahlias that are stealing the show and adding serious flower power to this extra-special Chelsea week!

Autumn Collection 2021

Chelsea is the flower catwalk of the world where the best in the gardening business set trends and inspire the industry and garden lovers alike. In contrast to the usual spring collection, we have the best that autumn has to offer. With darker tones, from deliciously dark purple salvias to a spectrum of daisy-style blooms from blazing reds, powerful pinks to golden yellows.

Rudbeckia brightening up Chelsea on the M&G garden designed by Charlotte Harris and Hugo Bugg.

Prairie perennials and grasses are really popular, as re-wilding urban areas and statement climate change gardens dominate the scene. Tough plants are making a stand as gardeners fight back to make a global change.

Grasses and every imaginable echinacea burst from the planted beds. The M&G garden has over 3,500 plants in it!

Darling Dahlias

If you go down to the Grand Pavilion today you’re in for a great surprise! For every dahlia there ever was is gathered there because… it is just wonderful! If you love these decadent, blousey blooms then this September Chelsea won’t disappoint!

A cacophony of beautiful dahlias!

The colours and ruffles are spectacular and one of the must-see displays at Chelsea. A definite perk to a September show!

The wow factor that Chelsea does so well.

Harvest Festival

September has that back to school vibe where it is traditional to celebrate Harvest Festival. It’s certainly a key vibe at Chelsea. Stripey quashes and bulbous pumpkins in pops of orange are everywhere, maxing out the autumn feels.

Baskets of produce to celebrate harvest season.

The mixture of tropical houseplants and seasonal trees set the tone at very different look this year, where the rules have changed and imaginations have unleashed! The really modern use of plants is really fun to see.

A mixture of tropical Strelizia (Bird of Paradise) alongside Christmassy pines and Halloween’s pumpkins for a post summer cosy feel.

Succulents, pumpkins and bicycles for the modern Millennial – setting the tone at very different Chelsea where the rules have changed!

Houseplants for the Soul

During the pandemic over two million newbies turned to gardening. We certainly took comfort in our rural grounds and our staff found sanctuary in their gardens at home. We loved seeing your pictures shared on #gardeningtogether and #FlowerFriday but for those without gardens (and those with) many opted to green up their indoor spaces. House plants were already on the rise but now they have exploded as a the indoor jungle trend continues.

Pots of all shapes and sizes to find a plant for everybody.

It is wonderful to see so many houseplants treasures to uplift your spirits. There’s even a ‘plant pharmacy’ – genius! This shows that Chelsea is accessible for gardeners of all levels of experience and connecting with nature can bring real joy, a tonic for the soul.

Soothe your interiors with some lovely feel good greenery.

There are so many to choose from so beginners and collectors can find inspiration. Some exotic plants, like the alocasia, are easier to grow than you think once you learn what they like (shade and rainwater for alocasia).

Ticking off the plants we already have and eyeing up the wish list!

Find us RHW611 or Visit our Kent Showgarden

We are here at the show all week, helping our friends Griffin Glasshouses. Please stop by and see us. We will be posting content throughout the week on our blog and social media, so everyone can join in the excitement. Keep an eye out.

Our octagonal fountain in on stand RHW611 hosted by Griffin Glasshouses

For those watching from home, who want to get gardening please book an appointment to see us for all your garden ornaments, planters and more. Remember, our planters work indoors and out so green up your life wherever you live!

Chilstone planters aren’t just for gardens. Green up your home interiors too.




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