Christmas Garden Gifts

Monday, November 07 , 2022

Christmas Garden Gifts

Christmas is around the corner. Why not treat your loved ones to something lasting? From birdbaths to feature planters treat the garden lovers in your life to a special gift this year! Or treat your self and the wildlife in your garden.

Beautiful Planters

Investing in quality, statement planters, from urns to jardinières creates a centerpiece in your garden. Gift this to someone special so they will think of you and smile as they plant up displays each season, bringing colour and joy all year round. From narcissus bulbs and primulas in spring to ivy springs encircling cyclamen and winter pansies as the weather turns cold.

Chilstone Harewood Jardinière is a statement feature in this garden design by Kate Ball.

Raised urns on pedestals make it easier for gardeners with mobility issues to plant, reducing the amount bending. They also raise planted arrangement to eye level, the perfect height! Add colour to patios, lawns and gateposts. You can even mount urns and planters along garden walls.

Unsure which planter to choose? Why not buy our gift vouchers so the gardener in your life is free to choose for themselves?

Chilstone urn overflowing with summer annuals, displayed on a classic pedestal.

Small Statues

Winter can leave gardens bleak and empty as many plants die down. Adding small statues adds interest, a little pocket of joy in amongst established shrubs or in empty corners. Brighten up someone’s Christmas and their garden with our wide range of small statues

Our iconic doves add a romantic touch to planted beds and patios. Show someone how much you care with a symbol of lasting love and companionship.

Chilstone’s iconic pair of doves statue.

A Gift for Wildlife

A garden isn’t all about the plants. Treat the wildlife this yule with a water source to sustain them all year round. As the weather becomes more extreme song birds, squirrels and even nocturnal visitors like owls and frogs will appreciate this garden gift. It also makes an ever changing focal point as gardeners can watch to see which birds and creatures pay a visit, bringing delight to animal lovers, birdwatchers and grandchildren.

Birdbaths can pull patios and planting schemes together.

Our handmade birdbaths can be engraved with a special message for a personalised gift.

Chilstone birdbaths are garden classics.

Working Sundials

Sundials are both working timepieces and a marker in time – a way to commemorate an important anniversary or birthday. They can be engraved as a lasting declaration of love to reside in the center of a treasured garden.

Square cut or pear shaped these sundial plinths stand the test of time.

They are also useful for gardeners to keep tack of time while they do the weeding and trimming when they are muddy. These classic garden ornaments, handmade in fine cast stone are slowly reclaimed by nature as moss creeps over the base and rain darkens the surface to a rich patina. A gift to grow old with together.

A naturally weathered sundial makes a beautiful garden feature.

Gift Vouchers

If you know your special person loves gardening but you’re unsure which gift to choose, then our gift vouchers are available. After Christmas you can stroll around our show gardens in the Kent countryside together and choose the perfect garden ornament or planter. You can even bring your dog on a lead with you. With Tunbridge Wells not far, you can make a day of it.

We offer gift vouchers. Just ask the team.

Visit Our Show Gardens

Come and see us in our artisan workshop in Kent and the gift options we have on offer. Be inspired to create your garden dreams with our handmade fine cast stone, produced with only hand tools, never factory machinery, the same way it has been created for seventy years.

Or call our team to order Christmas gifts for your loved ones, 01892 740866 or email

Quality handcraftsmanship is at the heart of our seventy year old business.


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