Chelsea: The Blue Peter Garden

Tuesday, May 24 , 2022

Chelsea: The Blue Peter Garden

Chelsea is taking us back to childhood with the new Blue Peter Garden! The iconic Blue Peter garden was originally designed in 1974 by Percy Thrower. Now it’s time to rethink the space for today. This design by Juliet Sargeant shows future generations the importance of soil, encouraging children to enjoy growing. All the previous Blue Peter Presenters assembled at Chelsea to see the exciting new garden, which was amazing to see.

Blue Peter

The old garden was created outside the BBC canteen in West London, with a sunken pond and a statue of Petra the dog. The garden featured in many shows over the years.

Original garden design in the Blue Peter Garden.

This new garden looks completely different! A total transformation!

This garden is bright and vibrant with beautifully drawn pictures to make a bright and inviting place. This makes children feel relaxed and free to explore the garden. A garden to grow and inspire future Chelsea Garden Designers! You’re never to young to pick up a trowel and start planting.

A beautifully planted garden with space to sit and learn about nature.

After the Chelsea Flower Show, Juliet’s  garden will be recreated in Salford  for the Blue Peter team to care for and enjoy. Juliet’s garden will be relocated to RHS Bridgewater in Salford after the show, which is free for Blue Peter Badge holders.


The focus of this garden is on soil. To teach the next generation and their families how to value this important, but often overlooked resource. How we can transform our waste into soil improver.

A garden designed so children can understand the benefits of healthy soil, up close.

The garden also encourages a different view of creepy crawlies and how they can help to create healthy soil, encouraging everyone to look after this vital life giver beneath our feet, so we can feed the world. Children can sit in ‘Compost Corner’ and listen via headphones to the minibeasts working away inside the soil, breaking down the compost.

Planted roof to encourage insects.

The roof is bursting with meadow plants, thriving with bees, but when children go inside the bright orange structure they can experience what life could be like beneath the ground, complete with wattle and daub walls, a root poking through the ceiling and rain showers! There’s even a ‘crawly space’ where children can dig around and play.

We are looking forward to seeing Juliet’s garden on Blue Peter shows for years to come!

Modern Slavery Garden 2016

Juliet is a talented designer. She won her first gold medal in 2016 for her Modern Slavery Garden. This arresting garden brought attention to the corrupt underworld hiding in plain sight. That behind seemingly respectable front doors there could be a very dark secret of misery and enslavement. The beauty of the front gardens was in stark contrast with life inside the houses represented.

Juliet Sargeant’s RHS gold ward winning garden Modern Slavery Garden.

Private Garden Designs

We have worked with Juliet to help her create her beautiful gardens, supplying our Octagonal Fountain for one of her clients. This garden patio mixes hard landscaping with soft lavender beds that smell divine, encouraging bees. The gentle space is a sensory experience with the tranquil sounds of trickling water and buzzing bees, the scent, the gentle movement of the water and the swaying plants. A beautiful space.

This is the same fountain that we have displayed at Chelsea this week! Come along to RHW611 and say hello. We are helping our friends Griffin Glasshouses.

Juliet’s garden design for a private client with Chilstone’s Octagonal fountain

Come and Say Hello

We are back at Chelsea in the May slot, helping our friends Griffin Glasshouses. Come and say hello. Stand RHW611, we’d love to see you! If you can’t make it to the show you can follow our coverage on our news posts and social media.

Traditional stone fountain and glass houses create a patio garden style stand at RHS Chelsea flower show 2022 with Griffin glasshouse and Chilstone

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