5 ways to upgrade the entrance to your property

Wednesday, June 03 , 2020

5 ways to upgrade the entrance to your property

Over the past seven decades in business we have worked on a countless home improvements. We have worked with architects and builders on new builds and period restorations on houses and hotels of all shapes and sizes. Here are our top five tips on upgrading your entrance to add style, drama and curb appeal.

1 – Stone Portico with columns

Nothing adds stature like a stone portico around your main entrance. A well made portico can make a feature of your front door and add considerable value to your home.  It also serves the practical function, providing cover from the elements. Porticos can be added to existing buildings or incorporated into new builds and extensions. Each one is made to order so whether you have a modest town house or a grand hotel or county estate we can make the perfect porch for you.

An exquisite portico with a pair of Chilstone Gothic planters.

Cast stone columns are very versatile, allowing a range of colour options and styles. This allows home owners to compliment existing stone features on the front of their home or to add new ones. All our stone is handmade to accentuate the fine details and create the look you want. From detailed patterns to minimalist sleek lines we can help you achieve your design. Our cast stone can also be painted to match your exterior. Porticos can be simple or extravagant depending on your available space and budget.


Chilstone columns with ornate detailing.

2- Stone steps, paving and edging

Stone steps create a polished look for entrances and paths making a property look well maintained and appealing. A properly designed and finished path can draw the eye to create a statement entrance. You can even add balustrades or stone edging to define the border between planted beds, lawns and driveways, perfect for formal gardens and neat walkways.

Chilstone balustrade and finials to compliment stone paving.

Paving, steps and edging can be used to define distinct areas in your front garden or driveway to display statues or make a feature patio suitable for potted plants or stone benches to add interesting focal points.

Newly installed paved steps and a Chilstone portico mid-build already looks impressive, in collaboration with Hedges and Swan.


Edging defines areas in your front garden, a perfect boundary between planted beds and paths.

3- Gate Piers and finials

Gate piers are important to support property gates. These can really add a stylish feature to your driveway to make a good first impression on visitors to your home. From sleek pillars to ornate finials we can adapt the height and finish to compliment your architectural and landscape  design.  Gates also add a level of security to your home. We are often asked to make bespoke gate piers to restore damaged originals or to  create something unique.

A classic gate pier makes an important first impression.

Finials are also really important. Whether you opt for imposing gates with large urns or gothic statues as finials on your gate piers or you opt for something with simple sophistication, stone finials can really convey your style. They also upgrade a simple garden wall into an elegant feature, perfect swathed in flowering plants, like campanula to add character and charm to your space.

Adding finials to an existing wall adds an instant upgrade.

4- Coping for walls

Cast Stone coping has a dual role. It protects garden walls from rain damage to add longevity to your investment as well adding a beautiful finish. This finish can blend your wall with the rest of your stonework around your property or it can transform it into a stand out feature. You can even use coping as a base to set feature urns along the top of your wall. Coping is far from a boring necessity, it can be the highlight of your garden design!

Chilstone’s coping adds a neat finish to garden walls and protects the brickwork from rain damage.


Stone coping is the perfect base for a feature row of urns to be planted with seasonal plants all year round.

5- Feature planting

However you style your front entrance it’s important not to forget the plants! Whether you opt for well planted beds or smart pairs of planters either side of your front door, plants soften your architectural and hard landscaping elements and transform a property into a home. From low maintenance olive or bay trees in classic stone planters to whimsical, deep planted beds with abundant feature pots, these finishing touches really bring your entrance to life and transform it into something elegant or spectacular. The best thing is that you can experiment and have fun with your planted pots and move them around to create the look perfect for your home all year round.


A Chilstone portico painted white with contrasting planters make a traditionally smart front entrance.

A well placed urn can also make a feature in every season and add interest to hedging and paths.

Chilstone’s Longleat urn and pedestal makes a statement feature in in front gardens and along pathways.

Pairs of planted stone urns contrast with the soft blooms of climbing plants, such as jasmine, wisteria and rambling roses for a traditional look.


A statement planter transforms a front lawn into something extra special. Team it with opulent planted boarders for a spectacular floral display. This garden was designed by Kate Ball and features Chilstone’s Harewood Jardiniere.

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Chilstone has an extensive workshop where our skilled craftspeople create our products by hand.

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