The Homes that Chilstone helped build

Monday, February 10 , 2020

The Homes that Chilstone helped build

Over the years we have worked with many builders, architects and private developers to create some remarkable houses. Some clients want to match extensions into their period property with stone window surrounds and string course. Some want to add a statement portico to their entrance, while others knock down the house completely and build something new.  With 65 years of experience making architectural stone entirely by hand, we thought we’d share some of the best ones.

A beautiful entrance

The front door to your house doesn’t need to be bland.  If you have an awkward entry point on the side of your property style it out with a statement portico! After all, who says impressive entrances have to be in the center of your property? Our client decided to make a feature of his off-set doorway by adding columns to clearly define the front entrance. The stone portico was painted white to blend with the existing property to make the portico seem as if it had always been there. This transformed the front of the building, while accentuating the existing period features of the property.

Elegant columns were painted to match the original frontage.

This house oozes vintage elegance with a painted, stone portico. The while paint shows off the fine details in the stonework and clearly defines the main entrance of the house. This made a key feature of the portico and increased the overall desirability and value of the property.

Our porticos come in many shapes and sizes and can be added to homes to frame your front door and add stature to your home.

The addition of a stone portico transformed the first impressions of this period property.

New in a classical style

New builds don’t have to lack style. It is possible to create a property with handcrafted features that will stand the test of time. Every house was new once and although period properties are sought after, in an age when new builds often merge into an ubiquitous box shape, it doesn’t have to be that way. This house proves that modern builds can have classical stone features. This desirable home was designed to be striking while remaining sympathetic to its village location.

Chilstone hand made the stone details, from window surrounds to the portico and the gate posts.

We were involved in this project early on. Our client wanted to build a new house in a classical style as a lasting investment. Our master crafts people created stone window surrounds and sills with matching cornices and string course to add flare. Each element was hand crafted to create the fine details. The addition of gate piers defined the flow of the driveway, created privacy and boosted curb appeal. It also adds to the classical charm of the property to ensure it is in keeping with the other homes in the neighbourhood.

Gate piers add privacy and property value.

The whole nine yards!

This house has the wow factor! The house and garden were designed for the owners to create maximum impact!

Urns on pedestals draw the eye line up the driveway towards the impressive stone portico at the entrance. Image by Andy Le Gresley

There is a large amount of stone work in this project, with the garden reflecting the detailing on the exterior of the house. The garden was planned in great depth, from wall coping that is blended into the planting scheme to raked balustrades that make a feature garden staircase.  The key features are punctuated with over forty large urns and statement statues on pedestals. The estate is highly landscaped over it’s twenty-one acres, using stone garden ornaments to add focal points and an air of opulence. We even created bespoke arched alcoves  to frame key pieces.

Chilstone’s Longleat Urn on a pedestal adds a key focal point to the garden. Image by Andy Le Gresley

The house has a large stylish portico at the front entrance of the property and  it even has a bespoke, curved portico at the back! This was a major project and it was well worth it. The vast house is complete with a swimming pool and an orangery.

The bespoke, curved portico looks out onto a vast, landscaped garden. Image by Andy Le Gresley

The roof of the orangery is adorned with stone urns. These are mirrored in the landscaping with urns on pedestals to anchor the design.

Chilstone’s urns adorn the roof in pairs and a detailed, Alexandra Vase pops below in contrast to the evergreen hedging. Image by Andy Le Gresley

The house is clad in a blue-grey render, our stone was supplied in a specific colour to compliment the shade. The stone window sills, string course and columns add stature to this impressive property. All our stone work is hand crafted, like everything we produce.

Chilstone’s stone columns, window sills and pedestals make this garage block look immaculate. Image by Andy Le Gresley


Create your dream home

Whatever your style, call our team to discuss your needs. We can help you bring your dream home to life or help you create an investment property, with our hand crafted architectural stone and fine stone garden ornaments and fountains. We have worked with a number of building teams over the past 65 years on a wide range of projects large and small.


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