Statues to Add Interest All Year

Monday, March 18 , 2019

Statues to Add Interest All Year

How do you keep your garden interesting when the weather is gloomy? Or worse, when it’s lashing with rain in spring, smashing the blooms of  bulbs and trees that you’ve looked forward too for so long? The answer could be using statues.

Choosing a spot

There aren’t many rules for adding a statue to your garden. You can indulge your imagination with pieces that make your heart sing. You have to ensure that the ground is stable enough to hold the weight of the statue, but there’s nothing to stop you adding pedestals or placing statues on walls or between balustrades.

Chilstone’s Recumbent Stag statue as a feature between balustrade.

Statues can be positioned in corners, in hedging and flower beds to create intrigue all year round, no matter which plants are in season, But they do look gorgeous as a focal point to draw the eye between opulent blooms and textured greenery.

Statue at Barakura Garden in Japan.

Creating a theme

Whether you go Gothic with Chilstone’s  Mythical Beast like the set of Fowl Manor in the latest Disney Film, Artemis Fowl or opt for something more contemporary, a consistent theme can shape a garden.

Chilstone’s Mythical Beast statue is featured on the set of Disney’s Artemis Fowl film 2019.

The sleek marble lines of this statue of Leda and the Swan adds stylish twist to gardens. Combine it with fronds of green or banks white flowers to compliment the tones of the marble resin.

Leda and the Swan in marble resin by Admir Sljivic.

Adding Intrigue

You can make a bold statement with multiple statues that create a scene with your art work. The garden at York House in Twickenham is certainly impressive! Whether covered in frost, or dappled in the golden light of late summer or framed by vibrant Autumn leaves, these sea nymph sculptures will delight all year around.

Incredible statues in York House, Twickenham.

Experiment with different textures in planting and sculpture to entice the eye. The smooth “egg” will reflect the light, while the textured patina will age and change with your surrounding garden.

Statues in contrasting colours and textures add all year interest, Helen of Troy by Admir Sljivic

Complimenting planting

You don’t need imposing statues to make an impression. These simple marble resin doves and Cast Stone Allium balls add a simplicity that show off the surrounding planting in purples and whites and work well in smaller gardens or planted beds.

Stylised Doves my Ev Meynell for Chilstone’s garden stand at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Picture by Emily Brown.

Half hidden statues also draw you into a space. Chilstone’s Talbot Dog seems to ‘relax’ amongst the tall planting in this deep boarder. The Portland colour weathers to blend into the garden, encouraging lichen and moss growth over time.

Chilstone Talbot Dog Statue in flower bed in the Barakura Garden in Japan.

Or you might want a jaw dropping statement piece to dazzle in a pop of colour! This statue by David Harber was a show stopper at  RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018. Towering over multicoloured perennials and annuals like a metaphorical sun.


David Harber sculpture garden.


Looking Good Whatever the Weather

Whatever your style, statues and sculptures can add interest and intrigue to your space. The material can blend or contrast with the rest of your design to create the impact you desire. This cedar statue was placed by a rough stone wall by designer John Everiss to look like it is pushing through the wall to create the story of the children who battled  meningitis for his 2016 Artisan Garden at Chelsea for the charity Meningitis Now in 2016. This statue looks striking with late spring blooms.

Statue by John Everiss for his Meningitis Now garden.

While this classical stone statue stands on a traditional pedestal to create romance in this typically ‘English’ garden (although we actually shipped the stone to Japan!) surrounded with summer’s best roses and hydrangeas.


But the best statues look impressive in the stark winter white!

Chilstone Stag statue in The Laskett Gardens, designed by Sir Roy Strong.

Whatever your space and style, our team will he happy to advise you. Give them a call 01892 740866.


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