Let the power of dramas inspire your homes and gardens for 2020

Monday, January 27 , 2020

Let the power of dramas inspire your homes and gardens for 2020

The weather is pretty grim, perfect for hibernating. Gardeners shouldn’t feel guilty about snuggling up and watching TV or taking a trip to the cinema! It’s a great way to get inspiration for your garden plans.

Whether you love the Gothic sets in BBC’s Dracula and Disney’s Artemis Fowl or are more inclined towards the classic nineteenth century charm in ITV’s Belgravia, there’s plenty in the pipeline to spark your imagination this year. Here are our top picks to look out for

Get your teeth into BBC’s Dracula

Horror is not the go to norm for garden design, but being garden geeks we couldn’t take our eyes off the beautiful balustrades!

Yes, that’s right, while most people were watching the gore through the gaps between their fingers and wondering how the production crew managed to get a fully grown man to emerge from the belly of a wolf, we were goggle-eyed at the set design! The sweeping staircase lined with Gothic balustrade was as impressive as Sister Agatha Van Helsing! A glorious central feature in the otherwise dismal castle.

We hand craft balustrade to order so, if you want to recreate some devilish drama in your home speak to our team and let us bring your style to life, (wooden stakes and garlic are not included.)

We often make bespoke stone balustrade, but we have never been asked to make a skull design!

The mini series is available now on BBC iplayer, starring Claes Bang as Dracula with Joanna Scanlon and Dolly Wells, written by Mark Gatiss and Stephen Moffat, the team who created Sherlock for the BBC.

Chilstone’s stone balustrade can be seen at Hever Castle in Kent

Disney’s fairy-filled fantasy

If Dracula is too dark for you, take a look at Disney’s Artemis Fowl. Many of the details are still under wraps as it’s release date has been postponed until May half-term. This film is bursting with Hollywood stars, with Dame Judy Dench, Josh Gad and Nikesh Patel and directed by Kenneth Branagh. Disney brings the best selling children’s book series by Eoin Colfer to life.

It is hoped that this will be the first in the film franchise as Disney has built Fowl Manor as a permanent structure in Ireland. The set design features stone statues to make Fowl Manor grand and imposing with Gothic undertones. This fantasy adventure is a clash of worlds, when rich kid, Artemis Fowl, uncovers the secrets of fairy magic and his blackmail plan backfires, unleashing the full might of the magical police force.

Dame Judy Dench looks intimidating as the uncompromising Commander Root in Disney’s Artemis Fowl.

Our exclusive news is that we supplied Disney with handcrafted stone statues that are featured on the set! We are honored to be involved with such an amazing project.

You can add statues to your home and garden to create interesting focal points or to create a “Fairyland” of your own making! But be warned, you don’t want to mess with the magical creatures in Artemis Fowl! They are hard hitting and nothing like the typical creatures from children’s stories! It’s James Bond meets magic!

Chilstone Mythical Beast Statue to feature in the set of Disney’s Artemis Fowl


One of Chilstone’s statues ordered by Disney for the set of Artemis Fowl

Feel part of The Firm

Disney is not the only set design team to use our products. We have also supplied a stone Obelisk to Netflix for, The Crown, starring Olivia Coleman. This is fitting as we also made bespoke planters for the real royals, which are part of Kensington Palace gardens, the family home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Olivia Coleman plays Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown for Netflix.

Obelisks tend to work well in larger gardens to draw the eye towards a beautiful vista, but they can be used to highlight a key area of your landscaping. One of our obelisks marks the center of the maze at Hever Castle, home of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Kind Henry VIII,

An Obelisk is a traditional garden ornament but it doesn’t have to be used in a traditional way. One of our clients painted four Chilstone obelisks bright purple and displayed them on their stand at the RHS Chelsea Flower show! Unleash your imagination!

Chilstone obelisk at the center of the yew maze at Hever Castle

Chilstone made twenty-two bespoke planters for Kensington Palace.

New take on Victorian classics

Taking something classic and transforming it is exactly what Armando Innucci has done with his re-imagined David Copperfield film. This comedic take on the Dickens classic is not only funny, but it is crammed with English charm and architecture too! Bursting with pristine white columns, smart porticos and impressive gateposts topped with finials, there is no shortage of inspiration here for your home.

Dev Patel and Aneurin Barnard star in David Copperfield

The film set uses small urns on pedestals, painted as features for indoor use. Our fluted pedestals are slim and elegant. You can paint our stone any colour you like. Team it with some gorgeous houseplants, which were very popular thanks to the The Great Exhibition of 1851, to bring some greenery to your living space. For plants that spill over your planter try Tradescantia Zebrina or Hoya Carnosa, both are easy to care for and flower. Or go for a full height with the Victorian favourite Aspidistra Elatior, the Cast Iron Plant.

Filmed around East Anglia, a place Innucci knows well from his work on Alan Partridge, this film fizzes with the sharp, comic genius that Armando Innucci is known for. He also created the TV shows, The Thick Of It and Veep. Dev Patel  stars in the title role, supported by Tilda Swinton, Hugh Laurie and Peter Capaldi. This film is going to captivate audiences and reignite a love of all things Victorian. In cinemas now.




A Chilstone stone portico can be painted to smarten up exteriors and get the look you want.

Ask our team about our elegant fluted pedestal.

Nineteenth century society is always in style!

The British public’s love of historical romps is set to continue! ITV has commissioned a new drama called Belgravia, from the team behind Downton Abbey. The series will tick all the boxes with a story full of secrets and scandal! This drama is based in 1815 in London society, with Tamsin Grieg in full bonnet and bodice, sweeping through sculpted gardens and stately residences. This is set to thrill Downton fans.

Tamsin Greig in costume for Belgravia.

Not one but two!

But that’s not all, there’s even more nineteenth century drama scheduled. Gentleman Jack is set to return for a second series on BBC1 later this year! We loved this romantic drama featuring the talented Suranne Jones and Sophie Rundle who gripped audiences in 2019 with their love that defied the conventions of their time.

The second series follows the lives of Anne and Ann as they move in together and settle into life at Shibden Hall. We will miss the glorious urns on pedestals that lined the entrance to Crow Nest, home of Ann Walker! Although we suspect there will be new delights to spark our garden plans. We will keep our eyes peeled! Series one is still available on BBC iplayer

A gorgeous lidded urn and pedestal combo never goes out of style!

Embrace the drama

It looks like 2020 is going to be full of captivating dramas, each one bursting with garden ideas. Sounds like a great excuse to get watching! Remember that we are on hand to help if you need any advice on how to get the look. Call our team or visit us. All our garden ornaments and architectural stone are entirely made by hand in our Kent workshop. With over 65 years experience making stone for a diverse range of clients we are happy to help you create the garden you’ve always dreamed of!

Our entire range is handmade as it always has been for 65 years. We don’t use machinery, we only use skilled craft makers!


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