How to Create the Perfect Courtyard Garden with Cast Stone

Wednesday, August 29 , 2018

How to Create the Perfect Courtyard Garden with Cast Stone

Small gardens are often overlooked, but even the smallest of spaces can be easily turned into a beautiful courtyard garden with some planning.

Transform your Space

Perhaps you have a front garden which you’d like to transform. Or you’d like to create a cosy, secluded space in your garden. Or maybe you have just a small outdoor space which you want to make the most of. You can achieve all of these things with cast stone!

All it takes is one or two well chosen pieces and some clever planting, and even the most drab yard can be transformed into a chic outdoor living space with a bit of imagination.  Perfect for making the most of the heatwave.

Central Feature

An easy way to transform a tiny garden or space into a statement area is to add one strong central feature. Add a stone fountain, water feature or sculpture with beautiful planting around it.

This patio area to the side of the house was entirely transformed into a tranquil space with two Richmond fountains and fish pond. Perfect spot to watch the children playing on the lawn or host a BBQ during the summer.

Here’s another central feature idea, this time to create a statement entrance in a front garden. So simple yet so effective.

Courtyard Garden Planting

To maximise a smaller space, try creating a courtyard garden. It’s a good idea to keep planting to the edges of the garden. You can add interest with different height plants, trees and shrubs. Low walls with smart cast stone coping add a neat finish and help to define boarders. Rope edging can be used where space is limited.

You can even add small garden ornaments and statues into borders to make the most of the space.

Chilstone’s Allium ornaments

Dove sculptures on a pedestal.

Just because your space is small, doesn’t mean it has to be sparse!

Adding ornaments and statues around the edge of your courtyard preserves space for seating in the middle of the garden. You could add a dining table and chairs for outdoor living in the summer, or some comfy seats for sipping your morning coffee.

What a lovely view to wake up to.

Use Planters for Dividing Larger Spaces

Even if you have lots of space, smaller cosier courtyard areas are achievable by dividing up the space with planters, hedges and borders.

The South Lodge Hotel created two beautiful seating areas at the front of the building using cleverly placed stone urns by Chilstone and a mixture of hedges and shrubs.

Kensington Palace gardens are separated into smaller areas using Chilstone planters, flowers and paving.

Chilstone Kensington planters in Kensington Palace gardens.


Courtyard Garden Ornaments

We have all kinds of garden ornaments perfect for courtyards. Take a look at our full range of urns and planters for patio living…

How will you design your perfect patio? Will it be a haven of shade or a sun trap?

We’d love to hear your ideas, call us any time for advice on garden design and landscaping, our expert team are always happy to help. Or visit our show gardens.

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