Crazy Start to Spring

Wednesday, March 06 , 2019

Crazy Start to Spring

Spring has sprung it seems. Although the weather has been crazy. First we experienced glorious sunshine, more like June than late February, with temperatures as high at 20 degrees Celsius.

Nothing says spring quite like sunny daffodils.

Blossoms ripped forth from their buds and daffodils seemed to glow in the warmth. Birds, bees and even butterflies flocked to the garden, happy to be free of winter as the rest of us. But then the sky darkened and storms hit the UK. Refilling water butts to bursting and rattling through the budding branches.

Butterfly in the rain.

Garden Oasis

This garden was created by designer Kate Ball , with our Harewood Jardiniere, inviting for garden lovers and wildlife.

Our climate is changing and that’s affecting all our seasons and this spring is no exception. But as gardeners we can do our bit to create pockets of green, a tiny wildlife oasis to help fight back for nature.

The reduction in front gardens as homeowners lay tarmac for driveways has added to the rise in insect loss. Even adding flowers in pots or hanging baskets can help. Why not add urns as finials on gateposts or boundary walls that can be planted throughout the seasons?

Walls can be a planting opportunity! Add urns so you have room to add more plants!

Watch Out For Wildlife

There are many ways to help promote wildlife in your garden. Planting nectar rich flowers with all year interest encourages and feeds bees and butterflies. With unpredictable temperature changes they will need help to survive a sudden cold snap. This time of year Pussy Willow and Mahonia are an important food source for bees.  

With the early spring surge birds will be nesting sooner, so watch out for new nests when trimming back hedges and trees. Make sure that bird baths are topped up and the addition of gravel and stones allow bees to drink too.

Birdbaths and planting encourage wildlife.

Slug Defence

Although no gardener likes slugs, they are important for hedgehogs and birds. Hedgehogs can be encouraged by leaving areas of your garden “wild”. Don’t tidy away leaves, keep an unkempt corner, with rambling plants and a loose stack of old branches or a log pile.

Encourage hedgehogs to eat slugs.

There are many new slug pellets on the market that don’t use poison and beer traps and copper tape can be effective alternatives. Our planters have rougher sides than glazed pots, which slugs are less keen on travelling over, although it won’t keep them all out, (sorry). But by raising urns on pedestals the slugs have to travel further and are in exposed to predators as they climb. Pedestals also make it easier on your back when planting and weeding and show off your planting schemes.

Plant urns on pedestals for every season to create a centre piece all year round.


As manufactures we worry about our impact on the countryside around us. All our products are made by hand reducing the need for energy guzzling machinery. We are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and we reuse our moulds hundreds of times, if not more, to try to keep our impact on the environment down.

Our Florence Nightingale Urn made by hand.

Our workshop holds thousands of moulds that are reused again and again.

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