65 Day Sale – Week 4 Stunning Sundial Plinths

Wednesday, October 17 , 2018

65 Day Sale – Week 4 Stunning Sundial Plinths

It’s week 4 of our 65 day sale already! Time flies! Why not make the most of this week’s 20% discount on our stone sundial plinths before the clocks go back?

Classical Timepieces

Stone sundial plinths are a classic garden ornaments that never go out of style. Beautiful in their own right, but with opulent planting, they add structure and draw the eye towards them. This sundial plinth was shipped to Japan to feature in the Barakura garden .  We have sent our stone to clients all over the world.

This stone sundial plinth features as the centre piece of a growing maze. Our stone ornaments weather well, built to last, it will look great for years.

For Gardens Grand or Homely

You don’t need a grand garden. Our Sundial plinths look wonderful with simple daisies.

This sundial sits as a central feature in this newly landscaped back garden of one of our customers.


Sundial plinths have a classic beauty that is so versatile. The options are limitless. Place it on a lawn, or amongst a well planted flowerbed, but make sure that your sundial gets the light to tell the time. Or not!

Chilstone Stone Sundial Plinth in the bluebell woods at the Chilstone show gardens.

Make a statement

A shiny armillary sphere makes a spectacular statement in any garden. We make a wide range of plinths to support it in many shapes and heights. Just ask our team.  Why not engrave our sundial plinth to remember a special memory or person? Our experienced engraver can advise you. Our sundial plinths are on offer for week 4 of our 65 day sale (22-28th Oct 2018).*

Classic that improves as it ages

Our sundials look wonderful new, they can be painted or treated to keep that fresh look, but…

…if left the stone ages, encouraging moss and lichen growth that makes the stone a really feature as nature creeps around it over time. Here’s a sundial plinth that has been in our show garden for some time.

You Don’t Always Need the Sundial Plate!

We love this picture. Why not use our sundial plinth without the sundial plate? Talk to our team and see if we can bring your ideas to life.

*20% discount applies to sundial plinth and excludes sundial plates, armillary spheres and engraving.

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