Wednesday, November 02 , 2016


As the clocks go back it’s hard not to think about the passing of time. The leaves show off, as bright as fireworks before they drift off in the wind and scatter.

The evenings pull in, tight as scarves, warm and cosy around lit fires. The seasons roll on, making us wonder where the year went and how can we carve a little piece for ourselves, to remember. Here is some timepieces inspiration as we celebrate life, the people we love and the beauty of our gardens.

The Earth’s Spin

Humans have been plotting the course of the sun for millennia.

The tracking of the sun’s shadow has become an art form, with magnificent and imaginative reinventions of the classic sundial, from Tower Bridge,

(Thank you for the image www.bromptonbumbleb.com)

to Perranporth in Cornwall.

These impressive sundials can be an inspiration for your own space. At Chilstone you can design your own sundial using a wide range of bases and dial plates

or make a statement with a striking armillary.

These can be engraved to make it an individual piece for a special place in your home or to commemorate an anniversary or special person.

Stop the Clocks

Some timepieces have a darker history. The famous Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square, Prague tracks the sun, moon and stars and was so ahead of it’s time that the King demanded that the clock maker had his eyes removed so he couldn’t make another masterpiece for anyone else.  Grim, but true.

The clock maker removed a little piece of the clockwork and so the famous clock failed to tick for a hundred years until they could figure it out.

A Time for Reflection

With all this time rushing by and with the loss of many musical talents

and global changes that have taken 2016 by surprise, we often need time out, to reflect on the year so far and think about the next year the ahead. Whether that is space is found at home or in the countryside, by our tranquil lake at Chilstone,

or in a beautiful garden with the soothing sound of water trickling from fountains. The choices are endless, but the desire for space to reflect is universal.

A Lasting Legacy

It is often hard to find our place in all of this.  How do we celebrate or mark our time on this planet? Do we literally set something in stone with a temple or a beautiful statue to admire and leave as a lasting legacy? Many of our clients have created unique spaces of their own that will outlive them to celebrate a great achievement, the birth of a grandchild or to personalise a house they have renovated together.

Grosvenor and Hilbert Park took a more urban slant, inviting children to make their own mark with spray paint to help to make their own street art alongside the professionals.


The main street art near the playground depicts the famous Time Lord Doctor Who and experimenting back in time with Back to the Future.


(Thanks to Overspary Eagles)

A Personal Space

Parks are full of this idea of leaving a memory so that time and communities will never forget that you were there.  Benches are dedicated to loved ones so the world can see that they were missed. A public declaration carved in wood or stone in a place of beauty and joy.

Others prefer a more personal one, in a special spot in the garden they shared, just to remember happy times.

 Looking back

We have been looking back at our own year so far. We have been fortunate at Chilstone to have helped our friends throughout 2016. From adding colour with donated planters at The Pickering Cancer drop in centre,

to supporting Meningitis Now to raise awareness that could save lives. We were lucky to have been a part of designer John Everiss’ garden that won both Silver Guilt at the RHS Chelsea Flower show and The People’s Choice Award.

It was a pleasure to support these charities.

A Limited Time

We can’t stop the clocks, but we can offer a 20% discount on timeless quality across our range of garden ornaments currently in stock* throughout November. Just quote BlogNov2016 when you order. Please contact us for details on 01892-740866 or via email office@www.chilstone.com

* Offer applies to garden ornaments currently in stock, as featured on pages 10 -75 in our brochure. 20% off listed price from 1st to 30th November 2016 subject to availability with code BlogNov2016. Excludes bespoke and architectural stonework.

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