New Products Unveiled

Wednesday, June 12 , 2019

New Products Unveiled

Chilstone unveiled some exquisite new limited edition sculptures and garden ornaments at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year.

We gave everyone a sneak peek at these lovely new statues and planters across our social media channels, but in case you missed those here they are in detail, along with the stories that inspired them…

Limited Edition Apollo and Daphne Sculpture

Copy of Apollo and Daphne Greek God and Goddess statue in marble resin in front of white wall with vines, purple flowers and purple Chilstone sign

Apollo and Daphne sculpture Photo by Carolyn Ripley

Gifted sculptor, Admir Sljivic, once again amazed Chilstone by creating a copy of the world-renowned Apollo and Daphne for a client recently… The original masterpiece is housed in the Galleria Borghese in Rome, Italy and was made by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the dominant 17th century artist and architect of the city.

The Apollo and Daphne sculpture refers to the Greek myth of the God of Light, Apollo, and Daphne, the nymph daughter of a River God.

Daphne was famed for her beauty, but resolved to remain unmarried and untouched by any man.  As punishment for mocking the God of Love, Eros (Cupid) Apollo was shot with a golden arrow that doomed him to remain eternally in love with Daphne. In contrast, Daphne was shot by Eros with a lead arrow and fated to eternally loathe Apollo. To free herself from Apollo’s desire, Daphne pleaded with the River God, Peneus, to save her.  Peneus agreed to spare Daphne by turning her into a laurel tree, and the sculpture interprets this transformative moment.

Chilstone have cast Admir’s Apollo and Daphne in marble resin and this limited edition Greek sculpture is a run of only nine.

Cast stone portico with black door built for a trade stand at Chelsea

Chelsea trade stand Photo by David Bartholomew

If you would like to be one of the lucky nine, give us a call, or visit our show gardens in Tunbridge Wells.

Limited Edition Music Sculpture

The sculpture, Music, was another wonderful commission for Chilstone, made to specification for Town Place Garden in Sussex. 

Chelsea show garden featuring cast stone garden ornaments, portico and bronze resin sculpture of woman playing the flute

Photo by David Bartholomew

This is a privately-owned garden occupying three acres around a 17th century farmhouse, and is open to the public as part of the National Garden Scheme, raising money for nursing charities.

The Music statue is part of an ensemble of three statues in the garden entitled: A Modern Quadrivium.

In the medieval European university, subjects were categorised into the Seven Liberal Arts.  The first three were Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric and the remaining four, or quadrivium, were Geometry, Arithmetic, Music and Astronomy.

These statues were designed by Anthony McGrath and sculpted by Admir Sljivic.  Music is represented by a young woman playing a flute.

Chilstone cast the sculpture in bronze resin and she is available as a limited edition sculpture run of twelve pieces.

If you are equally captivated by her, call the friendly team to find out more.

Replica bronze sculpture of a woman playing a flute standing on a concrete base with daffodils in background

The Hurlingham Club Bowl and Pedestal

The historic and prestigious Hurlingham Private Members’ Club is familiar to Chelsea locals, situated in the picturesque Ranelagh Gardens.

Chilstone were invited to help honour the Hurlingham Club’s 150th Anniversary in 2018, by reproducing the Hurlingham Bowl from their famous gardens.  Chilstone exhibited the Hurlingham Club Bowl and Pedestal at Chelsea this year, and with the kind permission of the club, it is now available to all as part of the main Chilstone Collection.

Cast stone replica of Hurlingham Club bowl planted with greenery set in cast stone trade stand at Chelsea flower show

See for yourself

Our offices and workshop are located on the same site.  We welcome all visitors, so pop down to say hello and our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you.

If you would like us to show you the newly unveiled sculptures and garden ornaments in person, or chat about how the handcrafted cast stone is made, then give us a call to pre-arrange a time.

Visitors can also meander through the Chilstone Show Gardens, which are set amongst 35 acres of woodland.

Dogs on leads are welcome too.

The Show Gardens are open to everyone from March to September.

We look forward to seeing you soon! 


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