Kate Ball, Landscape Designer Uses Chilstone in her Designs

Tuesday, January 23 , 2018

Kate Ball, Landscape Designer Uses Chilstone in her Designs

Winter a great time to plan and dig your new garden design. Landscape Designers are always very busy this time of year. As trees lose their leaves, you can make decisions about shaping them as well as preparing flower beds for the new seasons ahead. We were lucky to catch with local designer Kate Ball. Kate has worked on many beautiful local projects, including the renowned Willsley Pound roundabout near Cranbrook.

Kate Ball, Landscape Designer

We asked Kate about creating gardens with a distinct focal point and why she used Chilstone’s Harewood Planter as a central piece in a garden recently she created for her client.



“My client’s old Walled Garden was redesigned to create a modern, fluid planting style. They were real plant lovers, who didn’t want any Hard Landscaping design, just a big bold planting scheme.

This is where the addition of the Chilstone Planter, in the centre, played an important role. The Planting Plan was circular, with crossing pathways, so the Harewood Planter was set right in the middle as a centre piece. This echoed the circular theme and provided a focal point, to draw the eye from all angles.


The planting is in large groups of grasses and perennials, using colour and height to catch the light and move in the breeze.

The Stone Planter is solid and stationary, in contrast. To anchor the garden, like the brick walls around the perimeter. It is a constant feature in an otherwise changing vista.”

Stone planter

Chilstone Harewood Jardiniere on Lion Feet as a feature in Kate Ball’s garden design.


Kate’s Top Tips for Choosing Garden Pots and Planters

  1. This is an important thing to consider in all gardens. Urns, Planters and Statuary lend a formal structure to a garden, throughout the seasons. This can be Classic or Modern, in shape and material. Personal taste also plays a big part.
  2. The larger the size, the more impact is created.
  3. Smaller pots tend to look better in multiple groupings and in differing sizes. Always stick to a similar style or material though. This lends a more artistic look.

    Use a mix of pots to create your look.

  4. The size chosen should reflect the size of the space. Sometimes a Planter or urn can look good standing in the midst of the planting area, possibly on a Plinth for added impact.

    Urns and planters on plinths draw the eye.

  5. Have fun with it !


For more inspiration visit www.kateballgardendesign.co.uk

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Chilstone’s  Richmond Fountain makes a beautiful focal point in gardens large and small.

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