Chelsea Flower Show Smaller Gardens

Tuesday, September 21 , 2021

Chelsea Flower Show Smaller Gardens

This year there has been a real focus on smaller gardens. This reflects the ways in which people have used every available space to grow things throughout the pandemic. More than 2 million people took up gardening for the first time in 2020. With some plants and some imagination you can create beautiful displays in petite spaces.

Street of Balcony Gardens

This feature is new for 2021. Each space is the same size, but the results are remarkably different. The shabby chic vibe, with an usual, intricate door reclaimed from a disused palace in India in the Acadia garden designed by Martha Krempel really stands out. With rambling vines in rich, red autumn hues to the spiky, statement Yucca and a Pomegranate tree this is truly an eclectic mix of styles. The plant combination shouldn’t work, but it really does, creating a glorious and opulent space to enjoy all year round.

Acadia by Martha Krempel uses a statement Yucca and a mix of planting to add to the drama of that amazing door

The Sky Sanctuary Garden by Micheal Coley represents a high-rise balcony. It unites a sleek, city space with the practicalities of outdoor dining with the relaxed vibe of the swing seat and pretty foliage to soften the look. The planters are created from melted down chopping boards to inspire people to innovate when they reuse and recycle.

The Sky Sanctuary Garden by Micheal Coley

This pretty garden with Dahlias and Helianthus contrasts with the sensible grey planters. The soft tree foliage and climbers add a feminine touch to the Landform Balcony by Nicola Hale. It is fresh and vibrant with built-in seating supported by the planters to allow garden entertaining in a petite but beautiful space.

The Landform Balcony by Nicola Hale

The message of well being and metal health runs through the rambling greenery of the Green Sky Pocket Garden by James Smith, highlighting how important plants and leafy spaces are to people, so we don’t forget that we are very much a part of nature.

Green Sky Pocket Garden by James Smith

Small Spaces

With all this inspiration it is clear that you don’t need swathes of space to create a wonderful garden sanctuary. These smaller courtyards can accommodate more than you’d think with a bit of careful planning and some innovation.

It goes to show that trees and even water features can work well in a compact yard!

Think about your priorities for your outdoor space. Do you want a place to sit and admire the view? Or a dining area, or just a place stuffed to the brim with plants and flowers? Make your choices and go from there!

People in urban spaces are adding more and more greenery in their plots as we long to reconnect with nature and contribute to help insects and wildlife. You can grow vegetables, fruit or just experiment with whatever you fancy!

Chelsea is offering inspiration for this in spades this year.

Be creative

You don’t need expensive garden landscaping to be a gardener. This shows that you can plant in almost anything. Use paint to make your own style with pops of colour and nods to iconic brands for a cheeky, vibrant space that makes you smile. Your garden is for YOU! Create your own happy place.


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