Winter calling

Friday, October 26, 2012

Winter calling

Late October and no sign of an Indian Summer! The trees at our Langton Green woodland base are an agreeable mix of autumnal tints, lots of reds and golds and still plenty of leaves. But  in a matter of weeks those leaves will be falling and choking up your fountains and drainage. Soon too, the North wind will blow from the Russian Steppes and we will start to get hard frosts, even in the South. This, in short, is the time to prepare your garden for Winter. Cover your fountains and water features to protect them from the frost (this applies to all types of ornament, wood, stone, brick and Chilstone), Leave a tennis ball in ponds and birdbaths to prevent total icing and give a thought to local wildlife by hanging up food and leaving seed and fat etc on Birdtables. Bread is not recommended. Winter is exciting too and  we have Christmas and New Year to look forward to and long winter nights by the fire! Winter can be a good time to plan your garden or even build some architectural features that you can enjoy in the Spring! It is not always realised that Chilstone provide a full architectural service such as Porticos, summer houses, flagging, coping, even fortifications and Gothic windows - phone for a free estimate!

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