We hope you got what you wanted on Mother's Day

Friday, March 07, 2014

We hope you got what you wanted on Mother's Day

LoveMom Although a bunch of flowers and a card would be gratefully received, Mother's Day is a great opportunity to thank Mum for everything she has done for you. Perhaps this could be the year you give Mum a lasting tribute. mday1 One popular idea has been something for the garden, it might be a small birdtable, an engraved sundial - Chilstone craftsmen are able to carve our stonework or engrave personal messages onto brass and bronze ornaments and these will serve as a tribute to your mother that will endure for many years. At our showgardens in Langton Green we also have an amazing collection of ornaments and animals of all shapes and sizes from a small elephant to a tiny mouse and to suit every budget. Mday2 Our brass sundials can also bear a suitable quotation or a heartfelt message of thanks that could mean a great deal and will continue to be valued every day. Another idea could be one of our elegant stone planters that you can fill with Mum's favourite plant. Come along to our Langton Green showgardens and be inspired.

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