Tips For Your Garden This Autumn

Monday, September 22, 2014

Tips For Your Garden This Autumn

  As the nights get colder and the days get shorter, it can be a tricky time for gardeners. Yet, there are a few little things that you can do early on in Autumn in order to make the Winter months much easier for your garden. Here are Chilstone's hand-picked top Autumn gardening tips:   1- Sow the seeds Due to the high rainfall that Autumn brings it makes for the perfect time to sow your lawn. Get a rake and even out that topsoil to get a lovely even finish. This will allow a great green lawn to grow before the Winter bite comes! 2- Get rid of the rot With Autumn comes clear, cold evenings and therefore mornings are coated in heavy dew. Although this makes for some wonderfully mystical scenes, it also is the perfect environment for rot to flourish. Remove any dead flowers or plants as soon as possible to make sure this problem doesn't take over your garden. 3- We Love Evergreen We love evergreen plants, and so does Autumn! Greenery such as Fatsia, Aucuba, Lavender and Euonymus will make any Autumnal garden look luscious and lively! chilstone-autumn-garden                                 4-Preventative Ponds The tip to a garden pond over the colder seasons is to cover it sooner rather than later. This will prevent any early Autumn  leaves falling and clogging up your beloved pond! 5-Chip Tip Keep your plants and shrubs warm as the temperature drops throughout the season by wrapping their beds up with insulating wood chips. Don't get that frost get in the way of a beautiful garden! Edge of Perennial Flower Garden with Wood Chip Mulch                                 That's all for Chilstone's Autumn gardening tips, we hope you have enjoyed them! Stay updated with future blog posts by liking Chilstone's page on Facebook.

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