The Lady with the Urn

Friday, November 08, 2013

The Lady with the Urn

[caption id="attachment_1371" align="aligncenter" width="203"]In its pomp - the Florence Nightingale urn circa 1860 Florence Nightingale OM with the  Embley Park urn circa 1860[/caption] As a stonemaker one of our favourite tasks is the recreation of important artifacts from the past like the Decimus Burton urns at Kew (a World Heretage Site) or the Pulhamite Urns for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's new home at Kensington Palace. Our latest project is to save a parade of classical urns at Embley Park, the home of Florence Nightingale – famous throughout the world as the originator of the modern Nursing Profession. Well, famous is hardly the word, Florence Nightingale is really a legendary figure with statues, hospitals, medals, stamps, museums and much more named after her and she has come to represent the many women who have dedicated their lives to help others all over the world. So, the urns are important. [caption id="attachment_1372" align="aligncenter" width="168"]The Florence Nightingale Urn today in the Chilstone Studio The Florence Nightingale Urn today in the Chilstone Studio[/caption] The urns were originally manufactured in composite stone, in a process similar to Chilstone's, 155 years ago and were a favourite feature of the Park. In fact Florence herself  is pictured with the urn in about 1860. The urn has of course weathered and suffered many frosts over a century and a half and is now in need of repair. We will first attempt to restore the Urn which was badly damaged when infilled several years ago with concrete (not recommended) , then we will create a mould from the original. This is a highly skilled process as the mould needs to be immensely strong and then we will hand make a new parade of urns for her home at Embley Park.  

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