Stone Spotting at The Royal Garden Party

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Stone Spotting at The Royal Garden Party

Royal Garden parties; a chance to meet the Royal family and mingle with esteemed and interesting guests all whilst sipping tea on the Royal lawns and soaking up the incredible surroundings... one of our favourite bits of getting up close and personal with the Royal palaces is stonework spotting! Have you ever really looked at the beautiful stone details present in all our Royal palaces in England? Buckingham palace has some fine examples of intricate urns; here are some in all their glory at a recent Royal garden party at the palace...   Royal-garden-party

A fine bit of ballustrading too! Stone-balustrading

  Just look at the snake detail atop of this intricate urn... I'm sure a fair few of these were produced before creating one that remained whole in casting! Such a difficult piece by obviously very skilled stone mason. Stone urn   You can witness beautiful stonework at all of the Royal Palaces, if you are visiting Kensington Palace you might well spot some of our very own stonework, we produced bespoke stone urns specially for Kensington palace and gardens years ago.   Happy Royal stone spotting!   If you have seen some particularly beautiful examples of Royal stonework, do share them with us on Facebook or Twitter, we'd love to see!  

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