Spring Bulb Planting

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Spring Bulb Planting

We've been out getting our hands dirty in the garden these past couple of weeks and dreaming of warmer days whilst planting our spring bulbs in the Chilstone grounds.   We were very happy with the quality and presentation of the bulbs we ordered from a new supplier this year; Helen Bond, they came bagged by variety in smart hessian sacks spring-bulb-plating-chilstone Each with clear tag to show which spring bulb was hiding inside (A good idea as it's so easy to get them mixed up when they look so similar!) spring-bulbs-tulips We chose a beautiful variety of tulips which should look very cheery next year when the ground awakens. The first step to successful spring bulb planting is to remove any old bulbs from previous seasons and ready your earth, adding additional fertiliser or compost if required. planting-spring-bulbs-in-november Once you are ready, lay out your bulbs in the pattern you desire on top of the freshly laid compost this will allow you to see the layout and adjust the spacing and perfect it before planting. We then used a dibbler (the orange hand tool you can see resting on the edge of the fountain) in order to push the bulbs into the earth at a depth of around 3 times the size of the bulb you are using. The soil can then be smoothed over the hole and the bulb buried and planted. spring-bulb-plating-steps The final step (especially useful if you are in a woodland location like us in Tunbridge Wells) is to cover the area with a heavy duty reinforcement mesh to stop any creature coming and snacking on your bulbs before they flower (we have a particular problem with squirrels here; they love tulip bulbs!) spring-bulb-planting-steps-chilstone   Now all that's left is to look forward to Spring shoots to peek through the earth and finally your beautiful floral display! To make your Spring flower display last longer, you can add narcissi and crocus bulbs a little after your tulips. Happy planting!  

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