Sir Roy Strong's Painted Chilstone Monument

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sir Roy Strong's Painted Chilstone Monument

  Sir Roy Strong is a great gardening inspiration for many, and the ornamental pieces in his Laskett garden are just as much admired. Here is Chilstone's urn upon a pedestal which Sir Roy painted, and now sits proudly in his famous Laskett garden in Herefordshire. This piece was made by Chilstone craftsman, Andrew Sands. This cast stone urn was made to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee, in 2002.   chilstone-sir-roy-strong-laskett-pope-urn                             ... here's the original piece, by Chilstone- sans-decoration. Find out more out this Urn, here.   chilstone-sir-roy-strong-urn                             Another great example of Chilstone's urns below, with craftsman Greg Sands. This urn was made to be shipped to Canada!     chilstone-sir-roy-strong-longleat-urn                               Sir Roy's Laskett gardens are amongst the most famous in the country. It is largest privately owned garden in England since 1945, and is full of fascinating ornaments and architecture. One such of the garden's wonders is a gold antler-ed stag crafted by Chilstone. Below is Sir Roy himself, posing with the aforementioned garden ornament: Chilstone-sir-roy-strong-stag                           image by John Swannell.   Here at Chilstone we are big fans of Sir Roy, and his wonderful vision for gardens and garden ornaments. We hope that the garden continue to be admired by many generations to come!  

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